Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hope you had a happy St Paddy's Day.

My St Patrick's day started on a bummer :(. I discovered that a bunch of the giveaways I had entered for some odd reason (maybe because its my Facebook email) were going to my Yahoo account that I never ever check. I could have cried. I don't even know how many I had won because after the first page of emails I deleted them because it was so discouraging. I did email a few of the more recent wins and see if it was too late. Thankfully one of them (bless her heart) still let me claim my win :). Then I spent the day fixing dinner and entering more giveaways. The night ended on a good note because I got the email saying I could still have the one win and also I got another email that I had won on another blog :). We had a good holiday although I was sure my daughter was going to get foundered on pot roast lol.

Here are my wins

Brys Edgewood Cakemaking kits from Pizzazzerie Entertain in Style- this is the one that let me claim my win after it was due. (What a sweet woman)

Robby Wash from Deal Sharing Aunt- I can't wait to try this out. It sounds awesome. No more detergent for a while. This is the one that I won today.

Here is what I fixed for dinner today.

Pot roast with carrots- my daughter is a fanatic for pot roast and we aren't corned beef fans.  Just threw a roast in the crock pot with some carrots.
Green mashed potatoes- I didn't check and was out of fresh herbs so I blended a few baby spinach leaves, ground parsley, butter and milk in the mixer. I used that as the milk in the potatoes. They turned a lovely pale green, not sure how well you can tell in the pictures. But at least it was natural and not the dyes from food coloring.
Green Beans- just out of a can but simmered in broth from the roast for a bit.
Rolls- store bought
Green punch- mixed lime sherbert with Sprite.
Lime Chiffon Pie-stir 8 oz Cool Whip, 6 oz lime yogurt and small box of lime Jello in a bowl and add to a graham cracker crust.  Chill 3 hours (you can use all sugar free low fat for less calories. Normally I do and no one can taste a difference.  I make this is a wide variety of flavors. Just match the yogurt to the Jello. I have used orange, strawberry or whatever. You can also just make the mix and chill in a bowl without the crust and its just as good for way less calories. This is such a versatile recipe and everyone always loves it. Its fast and easy. )




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