Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 87

Everyday Ruralty

Here I am squeeking in at the last minute again. I just can't seem to get it in gear lately plus I am annoyed with Blogger. Even though I am grateful for the site since its free and you can't beat free, there has been an issue for over a week and everyone has complained. I can't update my links list where I list my wins and I have won a lot of neat stuff lately and I cant add the wins. You would think considering the thousands of complaints on the forum it would be fixed by now, looks like they could undo whatever it was they did or do a backup or something. Anyway here are todays q & a.

  1. What did you do for Easter?
  2. How bad were you with candy or treats? (On a scale of 1-10. 1 being good, 10 being sugared up)
  3. What's one of the first things you'd like to do when you have consistent spring temperatures?
  4. How are you at gift buying? 
  5. Do you have an projects in mind for the month of April?

1. Went to church, had dinner with a friend, opened our baskets.
2. not bad only a couple pieces in  my basket. , mostly gifts
3. Fling open the windows and start cleaning. I hate the old musty smell from the house being shut up all winter.
4. Pretty well. I always have a box of gifts for emergencies that I bought on clearance and I usually am pretty good at matching personalities to gifts.
5. Job hunting still. I am praying for something to happen soon. Oh and we are going to NC this coming weekend so I will be able to see my aunt who has been so sick and is finally on her way to recovery.


Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

i'm there with you on the window thing. i completely forgot that. so true. got to get those temps up asap. windows need to be open. ha. ha!! take care this week. ( :

Leslie said...

I open my windows whenever I can bear it -- all year around. Can't stand a stuffy house, I think it is healthier, too.

Patrice said...

I cannot wait to throw open some windows. It's time for winter to be gone. I hope you have a good trip to NC. I've been there a few times and like what I've seen. Have a great week!

Liz Berg said...

Blogger used to drive me nuts...and they were never very responsive. My blog disappeared one day and all I needed to do was change my gmail password to get it back...but it was my blogger friends who let me know that, not anyone from Blogger. I'm another waiting to open the windows...we should hit the high 60's by the end of the week...hooray!

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