Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Birthday Allison

Today is my youngest daughter's 27th birthday. Boy do I feel old. It doesn't seem like that long ago I was 27 so hard to believe she is. Allison and I have had a rocky relationship in the past. We are in a place now that we are doing better depending on the day. I made mistakes along the way. Its a shame we can't have do overs in life. I love both my girls in completely different ways and would kill for either of them.  Allison is the mother of my only grandchildren and I think that has helped us along quite a bit. She is the one who most looks like me. Gosh she was such a cute baby with her little chubby cheeks. This picture was in an album that got damaged during a water leak. :(

Lordy she has went through some phases. She did the Goth phase :( and then she dyed her hair blonde :(.  She is so different from me but thats not a bad thing. She is in a more natural phase these days and looks better than she ever has. She is a beautiful young woman and I am glad she is my daughter.


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