Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 90

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I swear this year I can't seem to get it together long enough to get any of the memes done. Of course right now I am not online much since my laptop is still down. I am very frustrated with the company I ordered the replacement cord with. I get the cord and the connection where the 2 piece plug into the adapter doesn't fit right and its not charging my laptop at all so I email the company and tell them the piece that goes from the wall to the adapter doesn't fit right so they send a long email back basically saying they are sending me a replacement part. At this point in the I admit I did not notice they said they were sending a 2 plug cord for the adapter, I just see they are sending a replacement. I get the replacement and it doesn't fit at all. I needed a 3 prong replacement. The piece they sent would have fit my original laptop cord but it wasn't the part that was bad on my old cord so it did me no good. I email to tell them it doesn't fit and how I needed a 3 prong adapter. At which point they point out rather rudely that the email had said they were sending the 2 plug cord and if I want a replacement I have to pay shipping this time.  Naturally I get mad and tell them I am not paying shipping, its not my fault they have no clue what cord they sent me and that basically I just want to return all this crap and get my money back. So they shoot an email back going on about which of the different 3 prong cords do I need and don't mention shipping but honestly I am just tired of fooling with them and want to complain to Amazon about it.  Ok done ranting now :)

  1. Do you prefer to drive or be driven?
  2. What's your favorite kind of jam, jelly, or preserve?
  3. Do you have any special plans for this spring or summer?
  4. Lots of folks are becoming aware of issues with food. There are many articles, books, and movies on topics like allergies, GMO, pesticide use, bad or no labeling, over processed foods, foods from other countries that may not have high standards, and many more topics. What concerns you the most? If nothing concerns you, have a cookie and skip to the next question.
  5. Do you use nail polish often? Finger nails, piggies, or both?


 1. I like driving and I prefer to drive mostly because I have trust issues and don't like other peoples driving. My ex was an alcoholic who didn't allow me to have a license and I had no choice but to ride with him and he managed to wreck about every year we were married. 

2. I love strawberry jam, love blackberry jam but it has to have the seeds, I don't get why anyone wouldn't want the seeds, to me thats jelly not jam and I really like Concord grape jelly. 

3. Well today we are going morel hunting. And really my only big plan seems to be planting my tomato plants.

4. chemicals and all the additives. I wish I had the space and equip to grow all my own produce. I would grow what we can eat and can a lot so we wouldn't have to buy all that stuff that seems to keep being recalled. 

5. I love to paint my finger nails but can't manage to reach my toes due to some health issues. I like my toes planted but since I hate the shape of my toes it doesn't really matter. My fingernails I paint all the time as a matter of fact I won some beautiful polishes yesterday.

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softiesplace said...

I hope all that computer stuff gets sorted out soon. Good luck finding some Morels!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh, I feel for you with that computer hassle ... I would be SO mad too :/

I'm with you on the jam if the jam is on something like a scone - Yes! lots of good fruity bits or seeds.... Yum!

Debbie Huffaker said...

Bless your heart...hope you get all the computer issues worked out! I've never had a scone...this is the second COTFP I've seen those mentioned...I want one...or two!!! ;-)

Debi said...

Computer problems can be so frustrating. Hope you get yours resolved soon.

Patrice said...

Sorry you've had so many problems with your computer.I'm picky about the way other people drive. Sounds like you had a bad situation for a while. Glad that's behind you. Have a good week!

Crystal Green said...

Sorry to hear about the issues with the computer. Hopefully they'll get it straight in a more timely manner now. :)

As far as plans for the summer... I plan to take my blog to the next level. I also plan to enjoy the freedom of not having to spend over half of my day teaching the boys their lessons. :)

I am a jam person for sure! I don't like jelly that much.

With the debate on the whole food ordeal. I actually posted a blog about that very issue.

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