Thursday, April 04, 2013

Rob Zombie Plush

I won the most adorable stuffed bunny zombie from a giveaway at Blessed Elements. I got Rob in the mail yesterday and couldn't wait to share him with you.  Let me tell you how silly I am. I knew it was an Easter win and I saw Rob on Grace's website but somehow it didn't connect exactly what sort of animal Rob was. I opened my package yesterday and had to take Rob's picture so I flipped him over, when I flipped him to take pics from behind I saw his bunny tail and when I flipped him back over I finally saw his bunny ears and bunny teeth :). (not the brightest crayon in the box apparently). Now I just don't know how I couldn't have seen it right off since its obviously a bunny. Maxine (my dog) wanted him since she thinks all stuffed toys are hers but I am not sharing. Rob is made of the softest material, I can see how a child would love to sleep with him. He is 15 inches high. I will admit I was thinking of letting my cousin's little boy have him because we talk zombies all the time and play them but I just love Rob so much I am going to have to keep him. I love the details on him to make him zombiefied. He has stitching to show his scars. I am so glad I won him.

Here is what Rob's tag has to say about him "Rob is a quiet mulifaceted guy with intense thoughts on his place in the universe. He frequently reflects on life in the zoo by writing heavy poetry and performing regularly at the ZZ poetry slam. He is seriously into horror films and fascinated with the emotions of fear as well as the supernatural. He cannot get enough metal and punk. He enjys deep conversations with his buddies. He is a great listener with those ears!

If you want to buy Rob or one of his friends at the Zoo be sure and tell them where you heard about him.

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Grace said...

What a wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoy Rob. He is one of my favorites.

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