Friday, April 12, 2013

Funny Ebooks for Friday

    I haven't been posting this week because my laptop is dead. My dog had chewed the cord when I first moved to WV and it finally bit the dust. I did everything in the world and it wouldn't charge anymore :(. Me without Internet access is not a pretty thing. The first thing I did was go through this huge box of cords we have here that apparently can charge and or connect every item in the free world with the sole exception of a laptop. Next step was to go pick up my PC that my cousin had fixed for me months ago but I hadn't bother to go get because its not as up to date as my laptop so not as much fun. Still not a lot of fun but I can at least get online so I have been doing the bare minimum with it. Plus I need a new computer chair because this one is too tall for me and when my legs dangle, then my feet and lower legs swell :( so not spending much time on here. Third step was to look on Amazon and found a charging cord for $7.99 and pay $12.99 for speedy delivery :). The cord is supposed to be here today and I can't wait.
I woke up today and decided to check out the e-books. I love to read the ones that are funny. I like funny mysteries, funny romances, etc.... Life should be funnier than most of us make it. Here are some ebooks I decided to get today that were all still free at 8 AM on Friday 4/12/13. Haven't read any of these yet so I can't vouch for the quality but I liked the looks of them and the reviews sounded interesting.


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