Friday, September 13, 2013

Giveaways for September 13th

     Its been a slow week for some reason for me. I did manage to do a bit of smart shopping. Rite Aid has their summer items on 75% clearance. I got several windchimes to give as Christmas presents and a toddler golf set for my grandson for Christmas. We picked up some nice beach towels for 1.50 each. Probably our best deal was a fan for 4.99.
     I went to Kroger to stock up on some Febreeze spray this week. It was on sale for 2.99 but if you bought 5 it was only 1.99. I had 3 coupons for b1g1 free. So I got 6 Frebreeze and combined them with some other sale items to get the money off. It made all 6 be 1.99 each then the coupons took off 2.99 3 times so altogether I paid 3.00 for 6 cans of Febreeze so not bad at all. That will last us a long time. I am really working on stocking up with winter coming. Heat bills about did us in last winter and I feel that this winter will be worse. I am pretty certain I have enough cleaning products and condiments to last all winter. I am trying each payday to pick one thing to stock up on. I found a pretty decent sale on Scott's extra soft toilet tissue and bought a bit of it but not enough to last all winter. That is on the list of things to buy yet.

Giveaways I entered today.

Susan's Disney Family has a giveaway for a free Ebook and a Lorax DVD ends Sept 20th 2013

Mom and More has a giveaway for the Epic DVD. I would love to own this dvd, it reminds me of Ferngully, which we loved. Ends Sept 17, 2013

Mom and more also has an awesome giveaway for a $200 Amazon Giftcard I would love to win this, I could buy my new laptop right away with this. Ends Sept 21, 2013

Create with Joy has an Hills Science Diet Cat Food Giveaway  With 3 cats I really need to win this one :). Did you know cats could be gluten intolerant?  Ends Sept 27, 2013.

Woman's Tribune also has a giveaway for a free ebook and Lorax dvd ends Sept 23 2013


Create With Joy said...

Best of luck to you in our Cat Food Giveaway at Create With Joy! Just wanted to mention - it's a Hills Science Diet Cat Food Giveaway (4 prizes!) - not Iams - if you could update that would be awesome!

Thanks and have a fabulous weekend! :-)

Create With Joy

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