Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Recap

The biggest thing that happened to me was of course the new puppies being born and I got accepted as a Purex Insider :). Notice my snazzy new button on the side bar. I am still reading to figure this one out but I will be able to bring you some awesome prizes. I personally have won a ton of Purex prizes this year and I just love their products. I use 2 of their products in my homemade detergent mix. Now I just have to figure out exactly what I am doing as a Purex Insider.

Giveaways I won

Orkin Home Education Kit from Textbook Mommy- I really wanted to win one of these kits. I bet I entered a dozen different giveaways or more.

Orkin Home Education Kit from Sweetly Made- Good thing I really wanted this kit. Now I have one for each of the bigger grandchildren.

Kool Aid Prize pack- Awesome prize, it includes a year's supply of Kool Aid (they have no idea how much we drink :) so I am sure its not a years supply in our household haha,  a vintage T-shirt and a Walmart Gift Card that will come in handy with Christmas coming up.

Orkin Home Education Kit from Adventures of a Thrifty Mommy- Now I have a kit for all of the grandchildren so they won't fight over the bugs and lights :)

Excedrin back to school kit from Migraine Puppet- I love pens and I have to admit the pen is the whole reason I entered this one :)

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Nancy said...

Wow -- you are either really, really lucky or you enter a ton of giveaways. Lol.

Thanks for stopping by and entering mine. The more the merrier -- and good luck!

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