Monday, September 09, 2013

Weekly Recap

I was entering contests when I came across one related to The Book called Someday by Dianne Dixon
It had the following quote and I really just liked it so wanted to share it with everyone.

"No matter how painful your life has been, you have the choice to learn from your past and then leave it.  You have the choice.  Every day.  To love and be loved.  To find your purpose.  To work and and to give.  And to shape your world into something that's quite remarkable."

 I think a lot of people could benefit from reading that quote often. We can't let our pasts define who we are today. Its a springboard to push us into a brighter and better future.

Prizes I won this past week-

Coupon for a free bar of Fels Naptha Laundry Soap from FL Mom's Blog

A 5 day Nutrisystem Diabetes Weight Loss Kit from Book Cover Justice

copy of  The Greyfriar by Clay and Susan Griffith   The Space Between

I won another Red Gold Tomato sample pack from The Fat Free Queen

A $10 giftcard for Amazon from Two Savvy Sisters- I need all the Amazon money I can get since I am saving to buy another laptop from there.

I won 4 coupons for some Wallaby Organic Kefir from Mommy, I'm Hungry

I won a jar of pineapple salsa and  a 30 day supply of cherry capsules from The Kitchen is my Dance Floor.

I won 2 nights at any Days Inn in the US from Sarah's Blog of Fun Now I have to plan a quick little vacation someplace. Not sure when I will get the tickets and when they will expire.

I won the BFAST Gift Package from the Livy Updater

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