Sunday, September 01, 2013

Another Week in Review

Last week wasn't that great for me healthwise . I started with back pain on my lower left side to the point I couldn't left my leg into the bed without my daughter helping me, then I guess because I was working the right side muscles so much, I started having terrible back and abdomen spasms on the right side by Tuesday. It got so bad I considered going to the E. R. I had to take to my bed because I couldn't even work my arm to type or use the mouse. I started taking some muscle relaxers I had at the house as much as I hate too.

I did really well frugally this past week also. I hit some great clearance sales and won a lot of wonderful prizes. I got a couple of bras on clearance for $3 each at Wal-Mart, I finally found some Purex detergent I had won coupons for but no one in town seem to carry that exact product but I found it at the Dollar General, the Dollar General was having a 90% sale on gardening seeds and I got a ton of seeds for 3 cents a pack, some 6 herb containers for 60 cents and also some seed starting pans for only 45 cents. I am set for next growing season. I got some snow cone flavorings for 50 cents a bottle, a really nice thermometer to go outside for just about $2.

My ex brother in law moved some furniture for us. The living room looks so much nicer now. I got rid of the old nasty couch that had been here since I moved and the rug on the living room floor. I put in the new rocking love seat and chair that I got from work and also the rug that one of the customers gave me.  It really matched well with the furniture.

Prizes I won this past week- I had a really great week and I sure do appreciate all the wonderful blog hosts who posted these blogs and the sponsors who offer the prizes.

Green Toys school bus from Abracadabra Momma   My grandson will love this.

Standing Up autographed DVD from Mon Cheri I really wanted to watch this movie about bullying with my grandkids.

3 books from Deal Sharing Aunt in the Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Can't wait to get my books. I love to read but as much as I read, I can't afford to buy that many books. I usually visit 2-3 libraries a week.

Red Gold Tomato grilling kit from Amy at A Balancing Act

Noxicare from Rosey the Coupon Coach-  I have wanted to try this out for ages. I actually supposed won twice already but never got either prize, nor will the blog owners answer my emails.

Wedding Chapel DVD from Mommy's Block Party 

A coupon for a free bar of Fels Naptha soap from Precious 416

Another coupon for a free bar of Fels Naptha soap from Mike and Kim on a Budget- I am loving winning all this laundry making supplies. I am stocking up and saving them.

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