Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Giveaways I entered Sept 18, 2013

I didn't enter as many giveaways as I normally do so didn't get a post up in the past few days. Its been on the cool side here and I have been running a low grade fever as I adjust to the temperatures. I think snow is beautiful but I just hate cold weather. We didn't have much a summer this year, it was rainy and cool for the majority of it. We went to the laundromat yesterday and washed all the blankets up for winter because it been so cool.
I did have an awesome mail day yesterday. I got a box with some Beneful samples in it( my daughter let the dog eat them before I got a picture), and 3 prizes I had won.

on Starships and Dragonwings is giving away an ARC of Kinslayer -both my daughters and myself are readers so we can use all the free books as possible. There are days we visit 3 libraries just to get enough to read for the week. Ends Sept 22 2013

Heck of a Bunch as a "Nature Knows Color" tote.- I think this is really cool because its part of a program by Burt's Bees to auction off the totes with celebrities signatures to raise funds for a program called Lipstick Angels. Ttheir mission to make hospitalized women feel beautiful through patient makeovers. Please note that the totes in the giveaway are not signed. Ends Sept 31 2013

Rats and More- Kristian Regale Juices I love that these juices come in bottles like wine, so you can use them for occasions that some people use wine for. They would also make great gifts. Ends Oct 1 2013

Mom and More has a Monopoly Empire giveaway- We love board games and Monopoly is one of our favorites. I would love to own this version. Ends Sept 20 2013

Mrs Dash: Ready Set Win game-  This isn't a blog giveaway but it was so easy and I won a seasoning kit that I wanted to share. Like Mrs Dash's facebook page and then play the game. On my second play I won a taco seasoning kit.


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