Monday, September 23, 2013

Giveaways I entered Sept 23 2013

Working every day and then going straight to revival from work, made for a short week entering giveaways. I was so tired I usually just came home, checked email and went to bed. I am so excited because tonight is the season opener for Castle. I love that show. I really want Castle and Beckett to get together.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have more giveaways listed for you.

Three Loud Kids has a Little Mermaid Diamond DVD- I really want to win this dvd for my grandchildren. I know they will love it. Ends October 1st

She Scribes has the Croods DVD - you know I really want to win this for the grandbabies. Ends Sept 28 2013

Piece of Me has the Ultimate Helper Mixes kit- I have been wanting to try these out. I have heard about them but haven't tried them yet. Ends Oct 3, 2013


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