Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Puppies and Giveaways I am entering September 11, 2013

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me mailwise. I got 2 coupons for Fels-Naptha bars and 3 coupons for Wallby Kefir that I had won. I also got the paycheck for the last merchandising job that I had. I used part of that money to go to Rite Aid and buy a pool on clearance for next year. It is 8x10 but its only 2 feet deep but that is enough to splash around in and cool off. It is normally $100 but was on clearance for $25.

I am officially a puppy grandmother now. My dog Maxine had her puppies in the wee hours this morning. She had 5 but the first one was born dead :( I had to cry about it for a while but she has 4 other little ones. 3 are black and 1 is brown. I can't wait until they are big enough to toddle around and play with. I think it is amazing that God has programmed into the brains of animals exactly what they need to do. Maxine kept whining for me to pet her while she was in labor but once the puppies started coming so acted like a pro. Here she is with one of them.

Its Free At Last has a giveaway for a Horizon Milk Prize Pack. This ends Sept 19, 2013

Joan Holub is giving away a copy of her book called Little Red Writing This is part of a blog hop so be sure to hop along and enter all the giveaways. This book just looks so cute. I would really like to win this. Ends Sept 17th 2013

Misadventures in Baby Raising has a great giveaway for a basket of Bic products. My friend Cindy and myself are huge pen fans, we are always collecting them and buy them for each other as gifts. Ends Sept 12th 2013

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