Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Crappy Day

Today was one of those days where I truly hate my job. I spent most of the day covering for other people. I don’t mind working but I get pissed when I bust my ass to do a job that someone has let pile up and give it to me to do in less than an hour. It was already busy as hell with out the added stress. I wouldn’t even mind if they didn’t keep acting like I do nothing. Every single time anyone on the floor has a problem they need fixed its me they come to yet somehow management doesn’t see it simply because I am not an ass kisser. I like my boss but I am just not the type to fawn over someone. I think you should be judged on the merit of your work and how much you actually accomplish. So I came home and spent the evening job hunting. I just have a feeling because I left and the other girl stayed even though I asked if she needed any help that tomorrow I am going to be called on the carpet. I can tell you that if I am it will be my last day there. I won’t go back on Thursday. I have been homeless before and I can be again if I can’t find another job but I am about tired of being treated like shit.

Ok sorry about the rant but its been one of those days.


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