Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rainy Sunday

It has rained for almost the entire past 24 hours. I don’t like to go places when its raining like this so I am stuck home. I guess the not going anywhere relates back to the major flood we had in WV a few years back and I lost almost everything I owned. I like to be home when its flooding so I can get my stuff if I have to. Having to swim in flood waters was the most scary thing I have ever done that I can think of. I guess I will spend the day blog surfing. I have found some really cool blogs and added them to my links. I am also trying to get my blog traffic up just because I like seeing the stats. On that note I joined Technorati Profile.

On a positive note my sister got a computer so we can talk again. She has been off line for almost 2 months now.


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