Sunday, April 01, 2007

Horoscope for year of the Pig


RAT Expect a year of planning instead of achieving. Pig year is a time for Rat to rest, recoup from past losses, and maybe even join the crowd and indulge a little bit. It is best to reserve energy for next year 2008, the year of the Rat, when you start a new fortunate twelve-year life cycle.

OX Anticipate much activity at home and business. Ox is stimulated by extra work and succeeds. New contacts and opportunities appear throughout Pig year that are beneficial. No major difficulties are foreseen. Maybe Ox can stop working long enough to join the party and experience some fun and romance too.

TIGER Your good fortune continues from the previous Dog year. Pig year can bring good business, wild luck, easy satisfaction, and contentment because Pig is Tiger’s dear friend. Pig’s influence brings enjoyment of the finer things in life, but be aware to not overspend or overextend. Think before you pounce and not act on impulse or whim, especially in romance.

HARE Expect a very very nice year because Hare is compatible with Pig (and Sheep). Appreciate the good times, experience emotional security, and feel social contentment. Hare is less nervous and edgy. A good year for marriage or having children. But keep your business expectations low, and accomplishments may be negligible, because Hare would rather enjoy life.

DRAGON Life stabilizes after the challenges of the previous Dog year. Easy travel, light entertaining, and amusing recreation are enjoyable. But caution with finances is recommended because Dragon can overspend. Work tends to be slow, mundane, and perhaps a bit frustrating. So wait until Rat year 2008 when you experience a very fortunate work cycle.

SERPENT Accomplishments may be limited because Pig is opposite Serpent. Plans may be delayed or not manifest at all. Perhaps Serpent can enjoy the leisure and indulgence that Pig year brings, but now is time to lay low and hibernate. Avoid conflicts or lawsuits which will not end in your favor. It may be better to look forward to auspicious new beginnings in Rat year 2008 or Ox year 2009.

HORSE Enjoy the parties and passions of Pig year when you can. But Horse and Pig are very different, so Pig year could bring some uncomfortable circumstances for independent Horse. Difficulties with lazy coworkers and not-to-the-point miscommunication can delay success. And Horse could overspend on nonessential and luxuries.

SHEEP Now is one of the easiest and best years for lucky Sheep. Everything Sheep touches can turn to gold. Good fortune is seen in romance and business. Sheep could even inherit or win money. An excellent year for marriage, engagement, or having children. Take advantage of all opportunities this year.

MONKEY Expect some improvements in your life after the difficulties of the past two years. A fun year to Monkey around and have a good time. Good business advancement, travel, and possible change of resident are foreseen. Still, Monkey’s plans could be thwarted or delayed. Rat year 2008 will be far more fortunate for Monkeys in business and finance.

PHOENIX (Rooster) Pig year is a banquet so join the feast. Lighten up when you can, stop worrying, and try to enjoy life. Your values and Pig’s values are very different so avoid arguments in general. A time to be realistic and more conservative. Anticipate extra work, some challenging responsibilities, and minor career setbacks. But dedication to a career can relieve a financial slump.

DOG Good fortune continues from the previous Dog year. Focus turns to family concerns and friendships. Now is an auspicious time to begin new relationships and expand your circle of friends. Dog can have a great time at all the social events during Pig year. Life is good and Dog can easily enjoy a calm and peaceful Pig year.

PIG Finally! Expect the best year of a twelve-year life cycle. Pigs benefit greatly from the energy of their own year. Good fortune is foreseen in romance, family affairs, and business endeavors. New ventures bring success. Pigs could inherit or find money. An excellent year for marriage, romance, or having a child. Luck is with you throughout the year.

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I am a rat so hopefully the next 2 years will be good for me.


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