Thursday, April 05, 2007

George Clooney

The biggest news around here is that George Clooney was in Tobaccoville yesterday filming parts for his movie Leathernecks. Naturally I found out about this today and not yesterday when he was here.

At work they treated me to applebees for lunch in honor of my birthday. I go the chicken broccoli alfredo. They are so stingy with the sauce we always get extra and its still not enough. My boss got me a basket with violets and greenery in it. Its quite pretty. I love the violets. My coworker got me a bag with a yard flag in it since she knows I have been decorating up lately, some of my drink mixes from walmart, a candle and a stand for the flag plus a balloon. Its was a good day and naturally with the balloon everyone knew it was my birthday.


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