Saturday, April 14, 2007


I did my taxes and my daughter’s. I was quite happy because I had briefly went and did them mentally a couple months ago and thought my daughter owed $700 when in actuality she is getting back almost that much. My refund is smaller only $300 but still better than paying. Maybe we can take a little vacation between us when we get the money back.

I found out that there is a recall on Listernine Cool Blue Rinse. Naturally I have that here. (find out more at Whats up with all these recalls for contaminated products. The rinse I had here is months old but still affected so now what if I had used it instead of having it in the cabinet. Lets not forget the peanut butter one that affected product for the last 2 years even. Who do they think has this stuff and doesn’t use it. Why aren’t they finding out sooner and telling us sooner.


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