Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kitchen Sink Soup

Today was a better day at work. It was busy as all get out but I didn’t have to deal with anyone’s attitudes today. I am hoping to get off early tomorrow though so I can call about that other job I read about in the paper. There aren’t that many days that are good enough that I would want to stay there if I can find a way out.

I think Mandi has realized I am dead serious about her moving out. She has cleaned house the last 2 days. That is my biggest complaint about her living here is that I do everything and I do mean everything. She doesn’t clean on the days she works because she says she is too tired, then she doesnt clean on her days off because those are her days off. I am tired of putting up with it. She is 22 and makes enough money to pay her own bills so its not like I am putting her out into the cold. I think of it like a mama bird pushing the baby out of the nest.

I came home and my landlord had weed eatered(?) the yard but didn’t mow it. But thats ok since I now have a mower. I took a ton of trash to the dump since I haven’t been in days and days. Went to the laundry mat and dried 2 loads of clothes that Mandi had washed. Finally I come to the header of this blog. I made a big pot of what we call kitchen sink soup. Its basically everything but the kitchen sink. Everytime its a bit different. Today it had hamburger, pasta shells, tomatoes, tomato puree, corn, carrots, green beans, some herbs such as thyme, sage, and parsley. Its enough to last a couple days easily and with the temps supposed to drop down to the low 30s I wanted some soup to heat me up.


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