Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me. I am 39 today. I hope that the next 39 are better than the last 39 have been. We went to my aunts for Easter dinner. She had the prettiest double tulips I have ever seen. I took pictures but I can’t upload on this computer. I guess I will have to crack down and see if I can get mine fixed. I took pictures of the dinner also. We had a good time.

I got a free 11 card reading from for my birthday. I asked it if I would find real love in the next year and got a lot of stuff back that I didnt think pertained to the question at all. The last couple of cards maybe did. My aunt gave me an african violet for my birthday. Mandi gave me a tulip picture. Not the worst birthday I have ever had. I think my biggest birthday desire would be to be in a mutually caring mature relationship with a partner who fits the goals I have described.

Then my cousins little girl kept calling wanting to come spend the night but I told her no because the last time she stayed she had a crying fit and wanted to go home. I had to drive her home at 2am in the freezing cold and ended up having an asthma attack. She was warned then of the consequences of her actions and choose to keep on. I think at 9 she is able to decide how to act.


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