Monday, December 31, 2012

12 in 12- Starting the Year with Good Intentions

There are so many goal oriented posts out there but this one seemed more manageable for me. I am going to pick 12 big goals and plan to achieve them in 12 months. I am doing this on December 31st because for years we always wrote out our New Year's resolutions and would pack them in with the Christmas decorations so that come December we would see how we had done. This way I can check them more often. Hereafter I will be posting about these on the first day of each month.

 1. Lose 96 Pounds Heaven knows I need to lose more than this but its only 8lbs a month and lets face it I haven't lost any pounds in months so I would honestly be thrilled to death to lose 96lbs.

 2. Remodel the Trailer I bought this trailer and it needed a ton of work. Truthfully it was in way worse shape than I even imagined but its mine and its a place to live. I didn't do nearly as much to it last year as I should have done so 2013 is going to be the year I get it at least liveable.

3. Start Dating again since I feel that 2013 is the year that God is going to send me a mate in then it goes to reason I need to date :).

4. Photo A day I love taking pictures but anymore I am so boring that I have not much to take pictures of. I want to get back into taking pictures and I am going to make a post once a week with that weeks pictures.

5. Blog More Often there have been weeks go by and I don't blog anything. I need to do more so I can say more :). Toward that end, I am going to post once a month on the goals.

 6. Coupon More I love couponing and always have. I love to get a deal and I have gotten some awesome deals over the years but not nearly as many as I could have.I need to get organized and save more money.

7. Save more Sadly I think I currently have $9 in savings. I am going to start to refund more and put all of that in a savings account. I have a lot I need to spend money for such as fixing up this place but I want to manage to get some money in savings.

8.Take a trip Last year the only real trip we took was a weekend trip to Wheeling. We had a ton of fun and loved it so much. I want to take a real vacation and go somewhere fun this year too. I would love to be able to go to Dollywood but maybe to Texas to see the grandbabies if I can get the car in decent shape.

 9. Read the Bible more This should have been first. I think growing in grace and knowledge is more important that anything but I haven't been doing a good job of it. I haven't read the Bible as I should have. I haven't done bible studies. I honestly want to grow closer to God and know that His word is one of those ways I need to do this.

 10. Be More Social I have become way more isolated in the past year. I want to get out and do more this year. I want to visit friends and family. I want to go to parties. If I can get the trailer in decent shape so I am not ashamed I will have people over more.

 11. Do more Pinterst I have pinned tons of interesting pins on crafts, cooking and just lots of other fun ideas. I want to start doing more of these pins. At this point even doing one pin a month would be an improvement.

12. TBA Can't think of one currently but will add it as soon as I think of it. :).
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