Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blogger's Prayer

I know I don't make money from my  blog like a lot of other bloggers but still it is hard to come up with what to post that might be of interest to anyone else. I found this little poem on another blog and thought it was so cute. I am sure you can relate to. :)

The Bloggers Prayer

Lord, help me to learn to spell without spellcheck, 
manage to visit all that visit me and post regularly 
- all in 5 minutes a day, 
so I can clean house 
and take care of my family. 
Help me to not look at every occurrence in my life as a blog post 
and to quit taking pictures of weird things to share as well.
 Please help me to stop talking about my blogging friends
 as though they are next door neighbors or 
someone I have known all my life. 
And - help me to think of something wise and witty to post tomorrow!


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