Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Like all the other memes I haven't participated in this one in ages. This time its all about the holidays.

1. .  Share your traditions surrounding the Christmas stocking.
 We always hang stockings. At our house we always open presents on Christmas Eve then on Christmas morning we open stockings and Santa presents. Thats just how it was when I was growing up and I carried the tradition on. We really don't have any traditions about the stocking itself. Its just small presents and candy inside. 

2. How many hours of sleep do you average at night?  Is it enough? 
I have had sleeping problems for years. Its very hard for me to sleep more than 2-4 hours at a time so I am usually running on fumes. Now that I am unemployed it is actually better because now I have no time constraints and can take a nap or 2 during the day if I feel tired. This is actually the most rested I have felt in years. I have went to the dr and they have done all sorts of things, gave me all sorts of pills but it didnt really help. 

3.  If you had to give up one thing for the remainder of this year, what would it be?
Actually I am working on giving up Coke as we type :).  I am so tired of being overweight and I drink a lot of coke so thats a lot of needless calories. But growing up if you were sick or hurt my grandmother always gave you coke on ice. I am sick right now with stupid sinus congestion  thats doing its best to settle in my chest and in my mind I just have to have the coke on ice to get better :). 

4.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Wills and Kate as I like to call them) have announced they're expecting a baby.  Do you follow news of the Royals? 
I am thrilled for them and wish them all the best. I don't follow the news about the Royals but if I see something I might read it. I was 12 years old when Princess Di came onto the scene and she was my fairy tale princess. I religiously clipped everything I saw about her. I have old tv guide issues and other magazines that featured her. I loved loved loved her.  So I do enjoy hearing good things about her children. 

5. For me the sound of childhood is______________________.
Laughter is what hopped in my mind. There is just not sound like the carefree laugh of a child. It is so pure and innocent in a way that an adult laugh can never be. All children should be blessed with laughter, it hurts me to think of all the poor little ones who aren't so lucky.

6. Fruit cake-yay or boo?  What's your favorite dessert made with fruit?
Growing up, I hated fruit cake but after I got older I had some that was really good. I like one thats got nuts in it. My favorite dessert made with fruit is probably strawberry shortcake. I love anything with strawberries.

7. What is one thing you want to accomplish before 2012 comes to an end?
I don't think I have the energy to accomplish anything but just to make it through. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
 One of the most wonderful things in my life right now is God showing me in so many little ways how much He cares for me and thinks of me. This has always been a struggle for me so its a growing experience. Yesterday's meme on my blog had a question about a teapot, as I was putting my answer, God brought to my mind that someone was going to read that post and send me a teapot. I brushed it off because things like that just don't happen to me. This morning I opened my email program and I had a notification about some of the comments from yesterday.  One of the readers read my post and sent me a message offering to send me a teapot and some tea. It just blowed my mind because that is exactly what God had said would happen. I don't know why or how but I just want to praise His name and I want to thank that wonderful woman for listening to God. Yes its just a teapot you say but to me its a message from God Himself. 


Theresa said...

I'd have trouble functioning on that little sleep. We always had coke syrup when we had a stomach ache and as an adult coke on ice is great for a headache. I am in the mood for some now :)

Joyce said...

I drink very little soda, but still get plenty of sugar in my diet : ) I need to cut that back because I know it messes with your energy levels. I think interrupted sleep is so hard. Have a nice weekend!

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