Friday, January 04, 2013

Daily Bible

I know its that time of the year when people start with resolutions or goals. One of my goals is to grow closer to and more like God, in order to do that you have to read His word. The Word is how He talks to us. I like a daily bible and one that I have used for years is The Daily Bible. I first bought this bible about 22 yrs ago and it was the first time I ever read the Bible all the way through. I like this version because its in chronological order and it has some good notes with it. There is a lot of background history there. As a matter of fact I had misplaced mine when I wasn't living right and as soon as I got back in church, I wanted another. I found one but my best friend kept saying she wanted a daily Bible so I gave her mine. Then I found another one used and thats the one I have now. My only downfall are the Psalms, I know most people love them and I do love lines of  the Psalms but poetry has never been something I was into.I start reading poetry and my eyes glaze over.  I think this year might be the year I finally appreciate the psalms for what they really are about. If you are looking for a wonderful daily Bible I encourage you to check out this one. You can probably find one at a bookstore used if you don't have the money to buy it new.  I find my best time to read this Bible is first thing in the morning. I think if you start the day with God's Word you are better prepared for all that happens, its sort of like putting on the whole armor of God for me.
And no I am not being paid nor compensated in any way other than seed sowing. I just happen to like this one for reading purposes. Its been a wonderful read for me and helped me grow in knowledge over the years.  I have a whole different set for studying purposes :). Below is my copy and you will notice its looking a little ragged but thats ok. Sadly it got wet a couple months ago and has some damage from that. I will probably have to buy another one soon.


bp said...

Thank you for your recommendation. I have wanted to read through the Bible chronologically and have not done that yet. My husband has a One Year Bible.

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