Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Meanderings

I had a thought that I would try to post what I got in the mail daily. I know almost everyone belongs to a ton of blogs that do wonderful job providing  daily deals. I have gotten some great stuff this year but my mind is so bad that I can't hardly remember days later what I got so thats why I am posting it.  BTW its a wonderful day here in WV, temps in the upper 50s but it is sprinkling rain but I am ok with that. Had a wonderful day at church yesterday.

I got some tax forms and a face cream for product review. Its supposed to be used nightly but I have no self control so had to test it immediately :).

Here are some e-books I found today that were free. I have hundreds of ebooks now. My only issue is my e-reader doesn't seem to stay charged. I can't read that long before its dying. Not sure what thats about. I think I would prefer a tablet with a bigger screen. I am still thankful to have my reader but I have to flip a lot. I am a speed reader so it seems like I am constantly clicking. But on that note I did order a free stylus this morning.  These are all free this morning. I hate the ones that are only free to borrow with Prime. I am not a member of prime and that makes them not free. I think that info should be shared  before I get to the site.

How to Manage your Money when You don't have Any.   Free E-book from Amazon.

Mellington Hall-  historical romance with a little mystery thrown in for good measure.

How to save Money at Home- Room by Room guide  haven't read it and in all honestly there probably aren't that many ideas I couldn't have heard of considering that I have been reading and trying to be more frugal since the 80's.

Killer Work from Home Jobs: 200 Fortune 500 & Legitimate Work at Home Jobs - How to Make Money Online from Home! (Job Search Series)-  I think most of us have dreams of working from home but most of the ideas turn out to be scams. Can't wait to read this see whats here.

Top 100 Free Ebooks. Its the column on the right side that is free.


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