Saturday, January 19, 2013

TSMS- Already There

Its been weeks since there was a new TSMS meme, I hope Amy is ok. I miss visiting everyone and seeing all the new songs :(.  I guess I will go through some of the older memes to visit everyone and see whats going on with their lives. I also miss the songs because its been over a month since I was able to go to church. My dad still hasn't come to get my car and I hate calling to bug him so I have no way to go anywhere. Its a 20 minute walk just to town and while I need to walk its just so cold my asthma can't take it. I am just going to keep trusting God that He is working things out for my good, but oh do I miss going to church and seeing my friends, hearing the Word taught and preached.
Here is a song I heard this week and really liked it. Casting Crowns are one of my favorite groups.


SGG said...

This is a wonderful song. I love Casting Crowns! I am so sorry you have not been able to go to church. :( I hope that will work out for you. It's hard when you do not have transportation, especially with your asthma and having to walk places. Hope you are having a good day. Simply God's Girl

collettakay said...

Isn't there anyone from Church that can give you a ride there?

Hope things are looking up for you soon. I hate vehicle problems :(


Cathy Kennedy said...

What a beautiful, uplifting song! I'm gonna have to look into this musical meme you participate in on Saturdays. At first, I wasn't making the connection to you & Monday's Music Moves Me, but now my little feeble mind remembers. It's okay, you can blame it on my age NOT. lol I just need a little jog of memory is all. =D

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