Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Word Verification

I don't know how you feel but I absolutely hate word verification on a blog. I have so much trouble seeing what those stupid letters are and get them wrong half the time and have to start over and over again. I have reached the point that unless I really really want to leave a comment, if the site has word verification on then I won't comment at all.  I don't understand since most blog sites enable moderation. If you are worried about spam just enable moderation and then you can control spammers.  

If you have word verification and would like to turn it off, here are instructions. And if you do turn it off - Thanks!!!
1. Open Dashboard
2. Click on comments
Scroll down to:
"Show word verification for comments?"
Click on no
Scroll down to Save Settings

Now everyone can be happy :)


HeY J said...

I dislike the word thingy so badly, hopefully some will see this and fix their blogs to avoid us from struggling thru it, I was told last year by a unknown blogger that she loved my blog but would not be visiting it again because she refuses to leave comments to those who make it difficult. lightbulb why I didn't have comments very often LOL good job :]

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