Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Sillies # 62 - Pranks

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This is my first time being part of this meme but I thought since I am always posting funny stuff on Facebook for friends to see, this would be a great thing. I love to laugh and think there is enough sadness out there that we should all share in laughter.

This video isn't so much a prank as they should have known better than eat the food. I love to watch Duck Dynasty. I never watched it because everyone talked about how they were a bunch of rednecks and even though I am from WV I don't like stupidity and figured that was what the show was about. Actually they are really great people. Everyone would be lucky to have a love like Phil and Mrs Kay, the boys are respectful to their parents, they are Christians and love their families.


Rory Bore said...

ROFL. I'm dying over here. funniest thing ever. I saw this show the other night and my husband and were just like "what the heck is this show?"
now, I may be hooked. LOL

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