Friday, March 27, 2015

Air Bar Exercises Dvd, Volume 1 Review

Product Description
AirBareXercises-ABX - A Fitness DVD -- Metabolic Conditioning Workout utilizing elements of: HIIT, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Pilates & Cardiovascular Training - Great for Women & Men-Beginner to Advanced - Lose Weight Fast, Burn Fat Quick, add Muscle all in your Home or anywhere you travel.

Great fun, Extreme Results Fast. High intensity – Low Impact. A unique workout that includes training beyond just the physical: emotional, mental, vibrational and spiritual.

Doctor Endorsed, Yoga Teacher Approved 20+ Yrs Experience each.

30 day Extreme Weight Loss System in as little as 30 minutes a day. Revolutionary Program to Transform body & mind.

Includes Free Kick Starter Nutritional Guide – Includes Diet Plan, Detox, Fasting & Juicing info w/recipes + Fitness Journal & much more!
ABX Raises the Bar for Evolution through Fitness
Join the ABX REvolution! No more same-old soul-less workouts; switch to a fun one with permanent healthful effects. Transform your mind, body & soul-feel confident & sexy.
Created by sports pros & scientists guarantees you'll be on the leading edge. Supervised by a Doctor with 1000's of healthy patients.
Manifest a powerful warrior physique & reduce stress. All you need is a space the size of a yoga mat to feel grounded and secure.
- How Intensely you Engage your 3 Core Zones Determines the Difficulty Level +Speed/Range of Motion
- High Intensity-Low Impact = Easy on the Knees & Back-Safe for Joints +Improves Function
- Top Quality DVD & Production Value Ensures Clear Helpful Views of Moves, Great Audio, Easy-To-Follow Positive Instruction
ABX makes neural pathways, increasing agility & coordination. You will excel in sports & are now ready for ANY challenge.

My Thoughts

When I first got this dvd I wasn't able to even try it out because during all the snow of February, I had pulled some muscles and no way was I moving those babies until it was healed. Then once I was healed I found my dvd was messed up and would freeze. The company was quick and very nice about replacing my dvd, no questions asked. Now that I have gotten to try out the dvd, I love that it is a thirty minute a day commitment for thirty days but the DVD actually lasts about an hour if you want to try the whole time. Its been since before I hurt got my back hurt in October that I have even exercised so I couldn't do the whole DVD but the DVD is fun and I am starting to build some stamina and am able to do more each time. Its not an easy DVD but it is a unique approach and lots of fun. . I love that the instructions are step by step and easy to follow. On the down side, it didn't come with a bar but I just used an old broom stick I had and cut down to 40 inches but you can buy a dowel at the hardware store if you want.  All in all, its a different type of workout to strengthen your core and get more flexible and lose some weight while having fun.

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