Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gluko-Mata Review

Product Description

It is an all natural diabetic herbal supplement. We recently started selling it in the US, it was sold for many years in Europe with great results, our customers saw significant drops in their blood sugar levels (up to 40 points). It's easy to take (1 capsule twice a day an hour before or an hour after meals).

Gluko-mata is made with top quality ingredients (it contains Gymnema Sylvestre, Moringa olifera, Olea europaea, Momordica charantia,Cinnamon, Alpha lipoic acid, Trigonella and Chromfoenum- graecum and Chromium Picolinate). Each ingredient is known for lowering blood sugar, put together in one pill it is highly effective and 100% safe.

Gluko-mata is good for anyone with high blood sugar, whether they are diabetics and on medication or pre-diabetic and trying to avoid medication. If you, or someone you know has high blood sugar, try the free sample - to test and see how fast it works, you can take your blood sugar and then take the pill and an hour later (without eating in between) take your blood sugar again and you should see your numbers drop.

My Thoughts
At my last doctor visit, he informed me that I was prediabetic and needed to get control now before I would be forced to go on medicine. I have been to get a handle on this. So I was excited to discover this supplement. It is all natural which is important to me. I hate taking medicine that usually has side effects worse than the illness so I prefer natural remedies. I have heard of a few of these ingredients and their ability to help regulate glucose levels and have even taken some of them individual so this was a good mix for me. I don't have a glucose meter to check my sugar levels at home but I feel better than I did and I go back to the doctor next month for more blood work so I will know for sure than if it has helped me. I plan to keep taking this until then and if my levels are down like I feel they are then I will continue to take it

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