Sunday, March 08, 2015

Professional Pet Deshedding & Grooming Tool Review

 Product Description
The FurMaster® - Here's Why our Customers Are Happy:

"I've tried many Deshedding Tools for Dogs and Cats. After purchasing the FurMaster I have realized that this is truly the only Pet De Sheeding Tool I will ever need." ~ John Wilkins, FurMaster Customer

About The FurMaster® Deshedding Tool for Dogs and Cats.

The FurMaster works by removing up to 95% of unwanted fur and undercoat. The FurMaster is truly a one of a kind deshedding tool that helps both you and your pet benefit from the amazing results. No More Loose Hair!

This tool is specially designed for large, medium and small pets. The Ergonomical and light weight design makes the FurMaster the perfect choice for Pet Deshedding and Grooming. Compare our product to any Pet Grooming Deshedder
on the Market and find out quickly why the FurMaster® is better and provides longer lasting results!

The Benefits of The FurMaster® Dog Brush Deshedding Tool
* Innovative Design For Long And Short Haired Dogs And Cats
* Superior Construction for Years of Usage.
* Ergonomical Light Weight Design for Maximum Hair Removal
* Designed by a Groomer for Professional Long Lasting Results.
My thoughts
We have 4 short haired dogs and 3 long haired cats. Going to the groomer is way too big of an ordeal. But I get tired of all the fur being everywhere. The Professional Pet Deshedding & Grooming Tool worked so great for us. It was super easy to use, got rid of loose hair and didn't get caught in their fur so no tugging and pulling. Clean up was easy, with just a push of the button all the fur came off the comb. My only thing is that its a grooming brush, not rocket science. The company is a bit too proactive in that they call to inquire about you using the brush etc. I have never had another Amazon purchase where the company called me. But its still a great product, just ease up on the CSR :)

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