Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Car Sunshade Jumbo ★★ Best For Front Windshields Review

Product Description
Car Sunshade Jumbo  - Shields Vehicle From The Sun - Keep It Cool - Easy & Convenient to Use -  Pop Up Style High Quality UV Protector - Retractable & Folding Outdoor Car Windshield Blinds
Product Options
Car Sunshade "Jumbo"
Wire Support Diameter: 68cm (26.77 inches) and Fabric Edges Measurement: 150x80 cm (59.05 x 31.49 inches)

My thoughts:

First off, I wish the company would come up with better descriptions. I thought jumbo meant huge but in this case jumbo is the smallest size the company offers. I read all these reviews from folks with mini vans and honestly still thought this would fit my van. I have a Dodge caravan and apparently it has a larger windshield than other vans is all I can figure. The shade did not even come close to fitting my windshield. It is probably at least 3-4 inches too short to fit. And I must not be as smart as others because I had a heck of a time folding this back up. Finally I read someone's review that gave the below instructions for folding the shade back up. All that being said, I do like how light weight the material is and how easy it pops up. and when I laid it on my dash it did a good job with keeping frost off the window.

The directions are:

Step one: Fold the shade in two, such that both circles inserts overlap. Hold the folded Sunshade with both hands at opposite ends of the circle inserts.

Step two: Gently twist both hands in opposite directions. Twist your left hand/wrist clockwise, while twisting counter - clockwise with your right hand/wrist. Keep twisting until the sunshade collapses onto itself and push the folded metal circle inserts together.

Step three: Hold the parts together while you wrap the elastic band attached to the sunscreen around the bundle. You can now put the folded Sunshade in it's pouch. The easiest way to do this is by wrapping one side of the pouch partly over the folded shape. Then hold it in place with one hand while sliding the pouch over the bundle with your other hand.

I would like to see the direction be available on the package without accessing the website. That would be great.

You can buy one from Amazon

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