Friday, January 28, 2005

coupon savings

I just started saving coupons this year after years off. I wanted to save as much money as I could. I just started doing a small merchandiser job at cvs. Anyhow while I was there I saw they were having a big markdown on some items. I got 2 degree deodarants, 4 dove deodorants, 2 sauve shampoos, 2 sauve conditioners, 1 dove shampoo and 1 dove conditioner, 1 vo5 conditioner, 1 studio hair gel, 1 loral eyeshadow, nail polish, and lipstick. 3 ultress hair dyes and 1 hydrience hair dye. After clearance it was still $38 but with my coupons I got all of that for $13. So now I am stocked up on deodorant and shampoo and conditioner and hair dyes for a long time now. I was quite pleased since its been less than a month I have been saving coupons.
I did a google search last night for an old boyfriend since I hadn't heard from him in over a year. I sent him an email and we chatted a bit today. It was nice to know he was ok. The guy I was seeing last week has apparently decided he doesn't want to see me anymore since I haven't seen or heard from him since Sunday. Men can be such asses.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bitchy attitudes.

I got the merchandising job for CVS. Its just about 3-4 hours a month sorting their book display but it pays $15 an hour so thats 45-60 more a month. The temp agency called and hired Mandi, she starts tomorrow. I am still waiting for the man to call me for an interview. Allison called last night and said she had her baby and it is a girl. She named the baby, Heaven. I started an online class about herbs. I have been sick as a dog. I am so tired of coughing.
Its actually been nice weather today compared to last weekend. There is a high of 40 today. Mandi went to Shannon's a minute ago and I am glad. I get so tired of her treating me like shit when I am the one who supports her ungrateful ass. All I did was ask her to spend less than 30 seconds to vacuum the living room and she went off. She reminds me of Lisa with that attitude. Its not like I haven't done the dishes, laundry and cleaned the rest of the house.

I joined a discussion list on tarot. I have the cards I got from Barnes and Noble and I bought a book from there the other day but so far thats all I have done with it. I would like to know how to use my cards. I guess I need to mail my taxes out tomorrow.

Friday, January 21, 2005

bitter cold

We are having an ugly day. Its cold and snowy. There is supposed to be freezing rain tonight so that should make it fun when I have to leave at 4 am to go to work. I spent the day cleaning house and just doing a bit of nothing. Its so rare for me to get a day off with nothing to do. But the house is totally cleaned now at least. I also got a call from the CVS ppl and they wanted me to merchandise for them. Its just about 2 hours a month but thats ok. I go past there almost daily so thats easy money for just straightening some books.

Mandi is spending the weekend with her friends again I guess. The temp agency has a really great job for me if everything checks out ok. I would really like to have a good job just once. I am afraid the transmission is going out in the car and unless I get another job and some money soon I won't be able to get it fixed. I did a merchandising job yesterday and learned a valuable lesson. I won't do hard jobs that take a lot of time for not enough money. It took me 2 hours to make $8.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


      It's snowing here, but its not supposed to stick. I hope not because I have to drive to Winston for Mandi's interview. I got a call this morning from someone asking me to do an hour merchandising job tomorrow. I said yes. That makes 1 merch job and 2 mystery shops this week; I am supposed to do. I hope the temp agency finds me something good tomorrow. I get so tired of the store taking me for granted. A woman there complained because I wasn't closing but one night and I am supposed to do 2. My manager made it so I started doing 2 and I said nothing but now that woman isn't closing any for the next 2 weeks. She is supposed to do 2 also. It seems like I get crapped on all the time and I am always the one who does what they want.
      I did some freebies yesterday. Here are the links.
Free one-year subscription to Dream Network Journal
Each issue of the Dream Network Journal explores the power of dreams and their interpretations, symbolism and mythology. You will also find extraordinary dream inspired art and poetry. You have to qualify for this one.
subscribe here

Free "Princess And The Pea" DVD
The "You are a Critic" program is designed to give you a voice in the kind of movies produced for your family. As producers of values-driven family entertainment we will analyze and consider your input. This will help us develop and produce inspired stories-on-film that meet the desires and needs of your family.
By participating in this program, you will be sent a free, one-time screening of a film on DVD, and later be asked to critique the film on the Internet, allowing your voice to be heard.

sample tide coldwater

Playing cards from absolute vodka age 21+ here*sign up, confirm from email and then click on texas hold em. You can also get an absolut poster. cards

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tuesday- good quote

     Mandi and I went to the temp agency and applied yesterday. I have to go back Thursday for an interview and Mandi has to go back Wednesday. They told her she was interviewing for a phone survey place paying $9 an hour but they didn't tell me anything. I hope they find me something that I want to do all the time. While Mandi is at her interview I have signed up to do a mystery shop checking prices at some places. It pays $30 and I had to be there anyhow with nothing to fill the time with so this works perfect. I am also doing another shop saturday morning before work. Its a resturant and it pays $10 plus reimburses for my meal up to $8. My goal is to do about 5 shops a week. I would like to pick up some merchandising work also. I applied for two local ones today. One is at CVS and the other one is some gardening place.

     I got a really cool quote in my email today. I like that message it sends.
"The most self-destructive thought that any person can have is thinking that he or she is not in total control of his or her life. That's when, ‘Why me?’ becomes a theme song."

-- Roger Dawson

Sunday, January 16, 2005


I have been super busy with work and life lately. Someone I used to date but have vowed to not have in my life anymore just keeps popping up. I have tried my best to not be mean but somehow he just brings it out. Over means over. I went to a local bar with my aunt Friday night, it was an ok time. At least I got out of the house. Mind you not one guy talked to me there
All that got me thinking of my past and men I have loved. I think humans should have some instinct that would make you not fall in love with someone who doesn't love you back. It would be nice and a lot less painful. Sometimes, I wonder how you can love someone so much that it feels like your soul is torn apart without him and yet you are nothing at all to him. Thankfully I have only loved one person that much and I don't plan on ever feeling like that again. So that explains the melancholy heading. I think possible I just don't want to try and fail again. But life is about trying. When you quit trying you are dead. I guess its a wait and see game.
Motley Crue is coming to NC and the concert is already sold out. My daughter burst into tears at the news. She loves Tommy Lee. I wonder how much scalped tickets would cost. I think I will try to win some off the radio.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Web Sites

Yesterday was the only day I have actually not had to work within a 2 week time period so I spent the day doing nothing but relaxing. I read and surfed the web a lot. I found some sites I thought were pretty neat so I will share them.

Wikipedia This is a really cool encyclopedia. I had a blast looking up different things.

Satisfacton Services This is another mystery shop site. I would like to do more shops than I am doing now.

JavaScript Source There are some very fun codes here to add to your webpage.

Preparing for College Mandi is going to start this fall so this was a helpful site.

I joined a whole slew of newsgroups on a variety of topics. But today it is back to the daily grindstone. I have to close one store tonight and then open at my regular store in the morning. I will have to make myself go straight to bed so I can get up at 3:30. Tomorrow I am going to the temp agency so I can get registered and do all the paperwork so that by next Monday I will be ready to start working.

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Yesterday I drove to Mocksville to visit my cousin. I managed to get lost twice and then she wasn't even home. On the way back a truck that was pulling a tractor wrecked in front of me and almost hit me while flipping. It was really scary. I slammed on the brakes and smoke flew from them. The boy behind me started fishtailing and I knew he wasn't going to be able to keep from hitting me so I got all the way over to the guardrail. He barely managed to keep from hitting the car in front of me. I came home intending to not leave the house again since it was a bad car day obviously for me. But someone called in sick at work and I went in since that will give me 15 hours of overtime this week.

I went out and bought the sunday papers so I could have the coupons but now I know to not waste my money buying the Mt Airy paper. It doesn't have coupons in it. I saved about $5 last week using coupons and I sent in rebates for several items. I need to get one more receipt and I will have completed the $10 pepsi rebate. I am going to save all my rebate money and I am also getting a lot of items that they have for sending in upc's. Those will be xmas presents this year. I have several for t-shirts that I need to get upc's for.

I called my best friend Debbie in WV today. It was good talking to her. I really need to work on making more friends here. A friend of mine out here had her baby a couple days ago but the baby died. It was so sad. I know her mother is devasted. This was her first grandchild and she was really looking forward to spoiling her. Sometimes life can be so sad. I have been sad myself because I miss Randy but I know getting him out of my life was the best thing for me. I just mostly miss him because now I have this empty space with nothing to fill it with. I seem to spend all my time at work or online. Hopefully when I start working 2 jobs I will have enough money to finally go do a few things.

Friday, January 07, 2005

5 lbs

Even though I have felt like I wasn't following my diet and eating too much when I got on the scales I have lost 5 lbs this year so now I feel better and have been trying to do better. I so want to lose weight this year. I am so tired of being fat. I went walking for 30 minutes but apparently the shoes I was wearing had no support because my right foot swelled up and I couldn't put any weight on it for the past 2 days without being in pain. Its pretty hard to stand at a cash register for 8 hours when your in pain. I guess next week I am going to go ahead and look for a second job because the overtime the company offered me is only going to be about 8 hours. That is more than I would normally get but its still not as much as a second full time job would be.

I have been collecting and organizing coupons like crazy. I stocked up on some stuff at the store yesterday. I really want to save money this year. I am about as tired of being poor as I am of being fat. I have sent out 2 rebates so far this year for about $12 so thats not too bad for a newbie. I joined some coupon and rebate newsletters so I would be sure and hear about good deals and know to watch for them.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Pretty good day

My boss called me this morning and asked if I would fill in at another store on my days off from my store. I said yes since it will be over time for me and I will be making $12 an hour. I can find a temp job later on after they don't need me to fill in. I also got a check in the mail for $26 for a mystery shop I did in Dec.
I went shopping at Eckerd's and bought a few things to complete a rebate offer. I got 2 colgate totals (with free toothbrushes attached) and a bottle of palmolive and ajax dish liquid. After coupons, it cost me $3.25 and the rebate is $10 so I will have made a profit. I went by the library and they were having a book sale. I got 4 Janet Evanovich books for $1.00. She is one of my top 10 favorite writers so I was really thrilled with this one.
I have done pretty well dieting today but my feet were killing me after work and then going shopping so I didn't walk. If I get to feeling better this evening I might go walking. But all in all its been a good day.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Day 2

So far this has been a boring year. I have worked at the store and managed to not get rid of Randy. He begged me to go out with him today and then as usual let me down. I am going to force myself to be strong and not care that he acts all hurt and just have nothing more to do with him. He just drains the life from me anyhow. Since it was the first I had to spend all weekend changing prices at the store and getting the paperwork ready for the office. One more week and I can get a second job so I can have more available cash. I have been trying to be more frugal though. There was a great rebate form in todays paper that is actually going to net me @ $7.00.
There was an opposum on the porch this morning after I feed the cats. I think he is living under the trailer because he was there as soon as I put the food out. Guess I am only going to be able to feed them in the daylight hours. Tomorrow I have to go get the car legal since they were closed friday and they have had road checks 2 days straight now. Mandi's friend Jessica is spending the night here tonight.
Being frugal is so far the only resolution I have managed to keep. I have done nothing but eat the last 2 days so there hasn't been any weight loss thats for sure.
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