Thursday, January 14, 2021

Update on Goals

1.  Well I have been on the low carb diet for about 6 days now. I can feel a real difference in the pain in my body with the exception of my knees. But since they need replaced I guess there isn't a lot that the diet can do for that pain. Hopefully though the diet will help me lose weight so I can get replacement surgery. 

2. I bought some herb seeds to start indoors so that will be for my garden and more natural lifestyle so 2 goals in one :)

3. We bought a 72 4 people emergency food bucket at Wal-Mart so that went into our preps. Also got a big pack of AA batteries that were on clearance at Lowes so put them up also. 

That's all that I have managed toward my goals so far this year.  I will close out with a picture of Tinkerbell,  one of my dogs being all snazzy in her jean jacket.

Friday, January 01, 2021

Goals for 2021



  1.  Less Pain and better health- I am in constant pain daily. I have tried every herbal recommendation you can think of. Turmeric, kradom, moringa etc Nothing has worked. I need both knees replaced and maybe surgery for carpal tunnel in my wrists. I want to work on my health as a whole for 2021. I need to lose weigh so I can have knee replacement done. 
  2. More Natural Lifestyle- I want to start living a lifestyle closer to my dream. I have always wanted to homestead and make my own salves, vinegars etc. This year I am going to start even if its small. I did at least finally start making some vanilla
  3. Garden and preserve food- I want to try some container gardening using heirloom seeds and I would like to preserve what I grow somehow. I do have a dehydrator now so I can at least dry food if I am not able to can it. 
  4. Have a better home- I want to live in a place that is a better home even if it means fixing up this dump. I would much prefer to live in a different place with a little bit of land if possible but in the mean time I am going to work on making this life not so difficult
  5. Get a decent vehicle. Currently I have no vehicle, The transmission went out in my Toyota Rav and we are borrowing my ex's durango. Mandi needs to get the blazer she inherited from Dad legal and on the road. 
  6. Start recording Youtube videos for my channel and being part of that community. I love watching other peoples videos and would like to get more involved with followers.
  7. Try out more recipes. For years I have collected recipes and yet most of them go untried. I want to start cooking more and experimenting with flavors to be more the person I see as my self. I want to be the homey type who cooks her own foods etc. I have 2 instant cookers and have never tried either of them out. 
  8. Be more generous. I want to share more with others. Give gifts to brighten their lives. 
  9. Get more prepared. I have always been sort of a preppie person but this year has really showed me that I need to be more prepared for disasters.  
Today was rainy and mid 40s weather-wise.
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