Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday blog contests

Start off with I have a win. I won Go Diego Go! Lion Cub Rescue from Every Kind of Mom.

1. Pampers Dry Cruisers Win a weeks supply of diapers and a Liz Lange clutch to carry them in. With 3 grandbabies under 3 I need all the help I can get. I haven't tried Cruisers so I will find out if they are any good. Ends 04/05/2010

2. Eat The Cookie...Buy The Shoes, Giving Yourself Permission to Lighten Up by Joyce Meyers I really like Joyce Meyers and I love to read so this is a great combo for me :). I would like to win this book. She is such an inspiring person.

3. Seventh Generation Cleaning Starter Kit I really like Seventh Generation and I like anything that helps keep the house cleaner. These products are green thus better for the enviroment. Also I just love the color scheme on the blog At The Fence.

4. Bisquick Pancake Nation Giveaway On the weekends I have a lot more time. I usually fix the babies real breakfasts. One of our favorites is pancakes. I have some molds that make them into shapes. We really like Bisquick because its so easy to use.

5. Ham Giveaway Its almost Easter and we can't have Easter without ham. I love spiral hams best of all. I know its the same ham but it just tastes so much better. Plus I am too lazy to cut it up :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

a few blog contests

Its been raining on and off here and when I came home it was hailing so this evenings walk it out of the question. I should clean house but I am tired so thought I would just Net surf. I thought I might start posting a few contests from other blogs daily that I have entered. Also a couple of notes about giveaways that I have discovered. If you are really interested in a particular prize, you can go to twitter and search for that prize and it will bring up a lot of sites that are having contests for that prize. I do that when I really want something and so far its paid off well for me. Also I don't like winning gift certificates and probably won't enter any more contests where thats the prize. When you win a certificate then you are responsible for shipping instead of the company shipping to you for free. I mean I am cheap and if I am going to have to pay $5-6 for shipping than a $15 prize just isn't that great in my opinion, especially when its a product I haven't ever tried so may not even like. What are your thoughts on this?

1. Win a cake vase I hadn't ever heard of such a thing but I think this is just the neatest thing. I hope I win. I love to bake cakes and this would be an easy way to create something fabulous.

2. Win a variety of Simple Green Products I have used just plain ordinary Simple Green in the past and its an awesome product. Its one of those products that since you don't see a lot of advertising for you sometimes forget its out there but it really works wonders. I would so like to win this line of cleaners. This isn't a blog contest but since I really really want to win a digital camera, there is a link on this blog posting that leads to a contest on the Simple Green page for guess what? yup a digital camera.

3. Spa sample pack This one is a little different in that you email your entries instead of doing them on the webpage. I am not sure about it since said it ends on 322/10 and the page says it ends on 3/29/10

4. Lysol No Touch System I want one of these. I am such a germophobe. I own more sanitizer than some states probably :)> and she has another giveaway for Veggie Tales Pistachio DVD My grandkids absolutely love Veggie Tales. This is a new dvd and we don't own it yet.

5. Be a Detective in Forensics I seldom come across giveaways that seem like they would work for a boy but this is gender neutral although I think more boys than girls would like it. I thought it was adorable. Its from BSW Toys

Sunday, March 21, 2010

freebie and 2 more wins

Saw this one in a First magazine ad. U By Kotex free sample. The pack includes 1 regular pad, 1 liner and 2 regular tampons in the new U by Kotex Design.

I won a dvd called What's in the Bible. I entered a ton of contests trying to win this. I can't wait to watch it with the babies.

And I won the first 2 dvd's in the What's in the Bible series here. I want a set for the grandbabies and then I am taking one to the church for the youth there.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the mail today, I got a Glade plugin with a box of 3 pack refills for it, 2 bags of Starbucks coffee to sample for BzzAgent, a pull up sample and a Woman's Day magazine I had gotten a free subscription to. I love getting freebies and winnings in the mail. On that note I also got a notice that my last order of a Amazon gift cert from Swagbucks had posted. I am slowly saving for Christmas. Its my goal that with all my winnings and my swagbucks to not spend anything on Christmas.

Free sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner There is a little survey to fill out and your sample will be on the way. I will reserve judgement until I have tried this. I have tried other Dove hair products in the past and they left my hair greasy. Now I absolutely love Dove deodorant and won't use any other. I once had a horrible reaction to deodorant and all the skin came off my arm pits and its was months before it healed. I had to use deodorizing crystals for a long time. Dove is the only deodorant I have used since then. I am taking no chances on that ever happening again.

I know I have mentioned in the past being a VocalPoint member If you haven't joined, I am strongly urging you to sign up. I get freebies and coupons from them all the time. Just the other day I got a small box of Kashi cereal and it included a coupon for a free box and some other coupons off for sharing. Yesterday they had a post for Puffs Plus. I signed up for that sample but most of their samples are just sent without signing up. An awesome company.

Better Oats is offering a coupon for a free box. This will be emailed to you so make sure you have a store that accepts Internet coupons. I am very fortunate in that Kroger and Walmart both take these.

I finally won some diapers for the babies. :)
Check it out here on Mom's Focus on the CyberWorld

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a few freebies and an awesome contest

had this in my email today.

3 pack Meguiar’s X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber There was just about 2 questions to answer on car washing, Meguiar’s Microfiber produces an amazing mirror-like shine on all finishes. They are thick, the deep, dual-sided microfiber pile is three times more absorbent than traditional terry towels, and the safety edging eliminates the possibility of scratches. It’s pre-washed for maximum absorbency and is safe with clear coats.

This one is an e-book but I downloaded it a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed it and hope you do also. St Patrick's day craft and recipe book.

I would so love to win this contest I really miss having a digital camera so I can post pictures. I was taking pictures all the time but since my olympus broke I haven't hardly been able to. I don't even need an expensive camera just a decent one. I bought a cheapo at Wal-Mart but you really do get what you pay for sometimes and the pictures are so fuzzy. I wish I could afford to get my olympus fixed but they want $150. So it would be really nice if I could win the camera from Alexis Miller Photography.

Monday, March 15, 2010

More winnings again

I am very frustrated this morning. I went to go to work and my car won't start. I should have known when I opened the door and the light didn't come on but I was so focused on work, I just didn't realize. Now I have to wait for my upstairs neighbor to wake up and get a jump, then go buy a new battery since this is the 4th time in a month. Naturally this is after buying a $100 alternator since everyone insisted that was the problem. A new battery better fix it is all I have to say. But since I can't go to work yet here are some winnings I had in this mornings email.

Motherhood on dvd. I kept entering trying to win this at lots of sites but had no luck so I was pleasantly surprised to find I had won finally at Superdumb SuperVillain

Another prize I really wanted to win was Piggy Paint. I have entered probably 40 contests on various blogs trying to win. My oldest granddaughter (2.9 years) loves to have her nails painted so I wanted to try this out. I had an email from Laurie Marcolla at Piggy Paint thankfully since I couldn't find an email from the blog where I had won. I really need to clean out my inbox. I actually won on the blog Giggling Kids.

I finally got the pictures off my camera and here are a couple of winning photos. Well for some reason blogger won't let me upload the second image. Its going to be a Monday for sure.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some blog giveaways

Here are some of the giveaways I have entered this week. BTW don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour when you go to bed tonight.

I have a brand new granddaughter. She was born March 11th. I can't even think of words to describe my daughter so I won't even try to explain about the poor darling's name. I will post pictures as soon as I can. So now with 3 grandchildren in diapers I need to win this Pampers cruisers contest at Simply Being Mommy.

Living in southern WV, my favorite grocery store is Kroger so I was excited about $25 gift card at Gobs of Giveaways Boy I could really stock up with a $25 gift card as cheap as I am :).

I would really like to win this temporal scanner. With 3 grandchildren who always seem to have some kind of bug we use the thermometer a lot and this one looks awesome.

I would love to see the Princess and the Frog and I would love to win it from Real Moms Real Views. Trust me, I need new dvd's. We just got Shaun the Sheep in the mail and have already watched it 10 times in the past 2 days.

And here is a dvd for my grandson if I win. Thomas and the Runaway Kite from Energizer Bunny Mommy. I seem to win a lot of girly prizes but would like to win something for Frankie for a change.
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