Monday, February 28, 2011

giveaways and a couple of good deals

I did some wicked cool deals this weekend. I was about the get 4 Arnicare muscle rubs, 5 boxes of Brillant tampons, 10 boxes of Royal gelatin, 6 cans of Hunts tomato sauce, a dozen eggs, 1 can of pringles, baking powder, chicken bouillon powder all for less than $5 using coupons and register rewards at Walgreens. Then I went to Target and scored a free pair of jeans for my oldest, 4 containers of Miracle Whip for $1.25 each, 2 bottles of UP & UP ibuprofen for free. I went to Lowe's foods and got 2 cans of Hunts pasta sauce for 20 cents, 2 boxes of hamburger helper for free. All using coupons from the internet.

This week if you go to Nivea's facebook page and like it you can print up to 2 coupons for $2 off 2 Nivea lip care products which are on sale for $1 each at Rite Aid this week so you can score some free lip care.

Excedrin has coupons you can print for $1 off a variety of their products. Combine this coupon with the one from Target for $3 off Excedrin 20 count and you get free Excedrin this week. Plus while at the Target site I saw a coupon for $3 off Benefiber and I have a couple coupons for $7 off 2 so that should score me some free Benefiber which I don't use but my best friend does.

On to the giveaways

Here is a giveaway for a $100 gift card at Susan Heim on Parenting, this ends on March 10th

I would love to win the Tangled dvd for my granddaughter for her Easter basket from Sara the Savvy Shopper. This ends March 20th

Friday, February 25, 2011

TSMS- God of this City

I am going to be out of town so in order to be part of the meme I am posting this song early. More on the theme of serving others and sharing God's word with them.

How God of this City came into being.

Bluetree singing God of this City

Chris' story on how he came to sing the song.

Chris singing God of this City

Monday, February 21, 2011

More giveaways to enter and a freebie

Here is a prize I so need. My computer is just having so many issues and I can't seem to fix it on my own. I have downloaded and installed all kinds of things. I am to the point of doing a reformat much as I hate that. Rant Rave and Roll is giving 20 people a software program to help fix your computer. Its designed for women who aren't IT techs. There are 20 winners and it ends Feb 28th.

I would love to win this prize. Its a stuffed teddy bear with your choice of fragrance. While you are visiting Mom blog check out the post on making a duct tape rose. I think its pretty neat. This giveaway ends on Feb 28th

Here is a freebie also. I don't think I have ever seen a Miracle Whip sample before but since its my bread spread of choice, I signed up for mine.

Happy President's Day

I saw this and thought it was pretty interesting. I sadly didn't recognize most of the presidents. I did find the morphing a bit frightening though.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Variety of blog giveaways

I have followed Connected 2 Christ a while now. I love to read family oriented christian blogs and this one fits the bill. She is having a giveaway for a flameless candle. I haven't ever used one of those but given my candle obsession I would love to try.

I have been wanting a laptop for a while now and just haven't been able to afford one. I am wanting the freedom to blog anywhere I choose plus this computer is getting out of date for what I use it for. I found a giveaway at Scraps of my Geek Life for a new Sony VAIO YB Notebook PC. I would so love to win this prize.

Here is a giveaway that everyone should enter. You win a prize pack of books for your local libraries. In today's economy a lot of libraries have had deep budget cuts and could use the extra books. Plus these are good quality books that you don't have to worry about whats in them.

BTW while surfing Facebook for some giveaways I found this coupon. FoodLion currently has Doritos b1g1 so I was getting a bag anyway so now I can get a free 2 liter with it. Not a bad deal at all.

Win some prizes

Apparently the breakup with J has been rougher on my than I know since in just 3 months I have went from looking 10-15 years younger than I am to now everyone thinks I am now 5 years older than I am. Not really encouraging. I found this site with a contest for some anti aging products and lets face it, its way past time I start using them obviously.

I found a cool site with a really cute contest. You can win a Cat Doll. I will admit it took me a bit to figure out the cat part. Pam Kelloggs Handmade Cottage Boutique Its not a funny situation the woman is in but she is hilariously funny and could get a job as a comedian

I so need to win this one. Long time readers of my blog will remember that 2 years ago I won a couple Pillsbury giggle dolls and now I have found a contest for a Pillsbury apron. I want this one. Check out the contest at My life with Rats

I have been trying to enter more contests since I have been so down.
I recently won a progresso soup pack, a set of lifetime movies and a Coobie bra.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

TSMS- Make my life a prayer and I refuse

I have been having a spiritual crisis lately. Its so hard to believe that God cares for me when I haven't really experienced anyone on Earth like that. I am a person who needs proof and so I have been struggling the past week or so. It seems like I keep bumping into songs about service so I think maybe if I find a way to be of service I will find the solution to my problems. Here are 2 songs I found on the same day with the same theme to them.

Make My Life a Prayer

Make my life a prayer to you
I wanna do what you want me to
No empty words and no white lies
No token prayers no compromise

I wanna shine the light you gave
Thru your son you sent to save us
From ourselves and our despair
It comforts me to know you’re really there

Well I wanna thank you now
For being patient with me
Oh it’s so hard to see
When my eyes are on me
I guess I’ll have to trust
And just believe what you say
Oh you’re coming again
Coming to take me away

I Refuse lyrics

Sometimes I,
I just want to close my eyes
And act like everyone’s alright
When I know they’re not.
This world needs God
But it’s easier to stand and watch.
I could pray a prayer and just move on
Like nothing’s wrong.

But I refuse.

‘Cause I don’t want to live like I don’t care.
I don’t want to say another empty prayer.
Oh, I refuse to
Sit around and wait for someone else
To do what God has called me to do myself.
Oh, I could choose
Not to move but I refuse.

I can hear the least of these
Crying out so desperately,
And I know we are the hands and feet
Of you, oh God.
So, if you say move,
Then it’s time for me to follow through,
And do what I was made to do.
Show them who you are.

‘Cause I don’t want to live like I don’t care.
I don’t want to say another empty prayer.
Oh, I refuse to
Sit around and wait for someone else
To do what God has called me to do myself.
Oh, I could choose
Not to move but I refuse.

To stand and watch
The weary and lost
Cry out for help.
I refuse
To turn my back
And try and act like all is well.
I refuse
To stay unchanged,
To wait another day,
To die to myself.
I refuse
To make one more excuse.

‘Cause I don’t want to live like I don’t care.
I don’t want to say another empty prayer.
Oh, I refuse to
Sit around and wait for someone else
To do what God has called me to do myself.
Oh, I could choose
Not to move but I refuse.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A few good deals

If you are like me and you take a lot of pictures you are always looking for deals to get them printed. One of my favorite photo sites is running a great deal right now. Snapfish has a deal where you get 100 photos for $5 and that includes free shipping. Upload your photos, Use the code CUPIDPICS at checkout, Pay only $5.00 including shipping for 100 prints (that’s only $0.05 per print!)

Since I am trying to redecorate my new apartment I am trying to find deals for that. Hobby Lobby almost always has a coupon out that you can use to get a great deal. Right now its for 40% off one item.

I do a lot of stuff on facebook now. There is a page for about every company out there and they do a lot of contests and giveaways on there sites. Here is a post from Tide.
Tide ♥’s you too and to show you just how much we’re going to do another giveaway this Thursday at 3pm EST! 5000 of you lovely fans will get a free full size bottle of Tide Stain Release spray! Go on, share the love! Happy Valentine’s Day! Sometimes these deals are hard to get and sometimes you get lucky. I have gotten several freebies this way and I just got an email that I won a Coobie Seamless Bra from one of the facebook contests I entered.

Free song download

One of the stations I listen to in the car a lot is K-Love. I just found out that they have a free song to download from ITunes. I didn't see anything to indicate this was a one time deal so maybe every 2 week or once a month its there. I will have to wait and see. The song currently on there is Christ is Risen by Matt Maher. I like to have my mp3 player loaded with songs that help me draw closer to God and I burn cds for the car with my favorite songs. It can get expensive buying all the ones I like so I am always on the lookout for freebies. Here is the song in case you haven't heard it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Grammys

Ok, I am a couple days behind but I am blaming it on the computer. I have a virus or some malware and have installed every program known to man and still haven't gotten rid of it. I need to do a complete reinstall but no time right now :(

I didn't get to see the grammy's since I had to work Sunday night. (btw I hate night shift, I can't seem to get a schedule and sleep in naps now)

Lady Antebellum, picked up five prizes, including song and record of the year. It marked the second consecutive year that a country act dominated the event, after Taylor Swift grabbed the Grammy glory in 2010.
I wasnt that fond of Need You Now when I first heard it and then after working at the prison and seeing that it was the inmates #1 song to share in letters, I really didn't like it. But now that I am trying to get over my last boyfriend, who I was so sure God intended for us to be together, the song has more meaning.

Probably the weirdest thing was Lady Gaga arriving in an egg. She is so weird, I can't even imagine what people see to like about her. It seems like being eccentric is more important than good taste. Every year the boundries get stretched farther.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines from God

I thought this was pretty neat. The heart shaped island is amazing. I was also inspired by the heart shaped garden since this is something we could all do on a smaller scale.

Valentines from God

Sunday, February 13, 2011

St. Valentine from

This is just some information a friend sent me on St Valentine. I thought it was pretty interesting.

The origin of St. Valentine, and how many St. Valentines there were, remains a mystery.
The first representation of Saint Valentine appeared in a The Nuremberg Chronicle, a great illustrated book printed in 1493. [Additional evidence that Valentine was a real person: archaeologists have unearthed a Roman catacomb and an ancient church dedicated to Saint Valentine.] Alongside a woodcut portrait of him, text states that Valentinus was a Roman priest martyred during the reign of Claudius the Goth [Claudius II]. Since he was caught marrying Christian couples and aiding any Christians who were being persecuted under Emperor Claudius in Rome [when helping them was considered a crime], Valentinus was arrested and imprisoned. Claudius took a liking to this prisoner -- until Valentinus made a strategic error: he tried to convert the Emperor -- whereupon this priest was condemned to death. He was beaten with clubs and stoned; when that didn't do it, he was beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate [circa 269].

Saints are not supposed to rest in peace; they're expected to keep busy: to perform miracles, to intercede. Being in jail or dead is no excuse for non-performance of the supernatural. One legend says, while awaiting his execution, Valentinus restored the sight of his jailer's blind daughter. Another legend says, on the eve of his death, he penned a farewell note to the jailer's daughter, signing it, "From your Valentine."

St. Valentine was a Priest, martyred in 269 at Rome and was buried on the Flaminian Way. He is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travellers, young people. He is represented in pictures with birds and roses.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free Valentine Book Downloads

Surfing around I saw these e-books and wanted to share them real fast. We are going to WV for the weekend so I won't be around to do any postings. I plan to get a lap top real soon so I can be online while traveling.

21 Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids

7 Easy Valentine's Day Sewing Projects

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ride out your Storm

One of my favorite songs right now that I keep listening to over and over is Ride out your Storm. I have always loved this song but right now its pretty stormy in my life and I feel I am being tossed on the waves and need reassurance that I will make it through.

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