Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Savings

I don't remember if I posted it or not but I quit my job at the prison. They wanted to lock me in a room with 5 convicted felons behind me that I would not be in a position to watch. I felt this wasn't safe and went to management with my concerns, basically they blew me off so I did a Johnny Paycheck and walked out. Actually I am so glad to be done with them. My stress levels stayed up and I was in constant physical pain.  Since quitting, I have went off all my meds with only an occasional pain pill. But because I quit, I am not eligible for unemployment. Right now I just don't want to find another full time job. I only have to pay electricity so I am looking for something part time. In the meantime I am working on stretching what few dollars I have left.

I finally went to Rite Aid to pick up the photo cards I posted about last week. They turned out awesome. I love them.

Bought 3 Sunday papers because today was the day for the P&G coupsons but that was the only packet in there so not a good deal.  I then went to Lowe's Hardware to pick up a 30 pack of AA batteries I ordered online for $4 with free instore pickup. We use a lot of AA since thats what my mouse requires. One day I may look into a rechargeable mouse or batteries instead. 

My next stop was CVS, I didn't really see anything that I had to have on sale today other than cereal. They had selected Kellogg's cereals for 1.99 a box and I had some coupons I printed from Kellogs Family Rewards for 1.50 off each box making them .49 each. I got Apple Jack's. Kelloggs Family Rewards is a really nice reward program where  you enter codes from the Kellogg products and also codes they offer online and you can get a wide variety of stuff. I choose the coupons because we needed cereal and it was a great deal. Each coupon printed 2 times.  Right now they have a daily spin thing on their facebook page where you can win codes. You might win other stuff but I have only won codes but you can win up to 3 times daily.

Finally I ended the day by going and signing up for some mystery shopping/ merchandising jobs. I used to do a lot of those years ago and I think if I can get back in the groove I can get enough of these so that I don't have to get an actual 9-5 job again.

As I come across any good savings I will be postings so we can all save a dollar or 2.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

TSMS- I Just Came To Talk With You, Lord

It seems like its been forever since I have participated in TSMS. 2012 has honestly been the hardest year of my entire life. I have been shaken to the core. I have felt so lost and undone.  I have cried more than I would have thought possible, there have been way to many times that I thought of ending it all. Like an alcoholic craves that drink I craved death. I wanted it. I was just so tired and overwhelmed by pain and daily life. I have been in the darkest and longest valley I ever known since March 10th yet in the wee morning hours today God started speaking to me. I guess it would be truer to say I started hearing because God is always speaking to our hearts. Anyway I was reminded that even though this has been such a horrible year for me, I have actually seen some of the greatest miracles of my life this year also. In late April I had an aunt who suffered complete liver failure and was being put in hospice care. I prayed to God for her healing because as I told God, I just couldn't take another loss. It would have just pushed me over the edge. 2 days later God gave the victory and my aunt came out of her coma and went home from the hospital. She is still alive today.  2 times in my life and in 2 different states I have had doctors do bloodwork and tell me I had rheumatoid arthritis, in June I had new bloodwork done and not one sign of rheumatoid arthritis was to be found,  then at the end of October another aunt was put in the hospital and they were sure it was advanced liver cancer or a slew of other fatal diseases. Once again God moved and brought healing.  I have read the footprints poem many times of the years and I always asked God why I was always alone in my darkest hours, I never saw the footprints. This time He showed me exactly when He was carrying me. I feel so loved and blessed. I am sure the dark days aren't just over but I'm just going to rest here in God's hands for a while. And while I am here I just want to talk to Him and spend some love time with Him.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I have.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deals and ramblings

I haven't posted in so long I almost forgot how. Anyway, I thought I would put up a few of the deals I am doing today.

Get 5 FREE 4×8 photo greeting cards at when you use the code 5FREECARDS at checkout. Choose in-store pickup to avoid a shipping charge. Offer is good through 11/17/12. I picked 3 cards with individual pictures of the granny babies and one card that had 3 pictures on it. I ordered 2 of that one so I can give my ex one with all the grand babies.  My cards won't be ready for about 5 days but thats ok. I am keeping these cards and not mailing them. 

Also I went to and printed 2 coupons for $1 off eco tools and am planning on using this at walmart to get 2 poufs for free. We make a lot of gift baskets and these are great in them.

Walgreen's also has a photo deal.  I never pay for photo development. I wait on these deals and use them.
8×10 Photo Enlargement from Walgreens with code FREE2THANK (through 11/24)
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