Monday, October 07, 2019

Going Low Carb and a Chauffle.

Its been months and months since I have blogged. Been really depressed and just a lot of health problems. I was trying to get an MRI for my back and my insurance required physical therapy. I went to the place I went before but this time I got a guy named Jamal? and he hurt me really bad. I have knots across my lower back and he decided it would be a good idea to try to press these knots out. I won't lie, I burst into tears and he still wouldn't stop. I cried for about the 5-10 minutes he kept working on my back. It was horrible and hurt me for about 5 weeks. I just can't complete the therapy because its just too painful so no MRI.

Then Sept 13th (Friday the 13th) I had what the dr's called a cardiac event. Spent 3 days in the hospital and had to have a heart catherization. They found nothing wrong so still no clue what happened. I did manage to lose 8 lbs while in hospital and I had lost some before going in. So all told I lost about 21 lbs. I decided that was a great time to get back in gear.

I am trying low carb because the last time I went low carb it really helped with all the body pain and I felt a lot better. Something that is new since the last time I did low carb is everyone is making something called a chauffle.  So I ordered a  Dash Mini Waffle maker on Amazon. They have apparently went up on price lately due to being so popular. I picked a pink one for 14.99 and it was on backorder for a week. 

I like eating sandwiches and this is going to be awesome.  Basically a chauffle is 1 egg and 3/4 cup shredded cheese. I used colby jack for mine.  Stir it all till blended.  Put 1/2 the mix on the waffle maker and close lid.  Takes 3-5 minutes per chauffle..   I made 2 and used them like a bun for hamburger. It didn't taste eggy at all but was so good. You can make them sweet or savory. Tons of recipes out there. So excited. 

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Planet Fitness and Current Health

Every since I have moved back to WV, I have wanted a Planet Fitness to be near me. Who doesn't love $10 a month gym membership? Finally they have put one in about 5 minutes from my job. Only now my health is pretty awful. Most days I can hardly walk and I am stooped over little a 90 year old so I was thinking maybe I wouldn't be able to get any use out of a membership.  They are having a new promo that you can join for $1 so I started reading about it. I found out they have a Black Card Membership for $21.99 that I didn't know about. It offers tanning (not interested) hydromassage (now my interest is going up) massage chairs (sounding better and better) then I get to something called Total Body Enhancement. So I had to google to find out about that. Basically its red light therapy and vibration. Tons of links that say yay and tons that say nay. I am going to join just so I can try this out and then I will know yay or nay for myself.

I am super excited hoping it will help with the back pain, and inflammation in my body. I am going for the first time tomorrow so I will up date in a month to let you know how its working for me.
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