Saturday, June 23, 2018

Updated contest list

(Be aware that some of these links I post may be referral links to earn me extra entries)
I love to enter contests and sweepstakes on the Internet. I keep looking for an easier way to do them without having to pay so I think I am just going to set up a webpage so I can sort them by ending date easily.  Pick how many entry options you want to enter, the more you enter the greater the odds of winning.  The majority of my giveaways are book release tours because they usually give Amazon gift certs as the prize and that's my favorite prize.  There are a ton that want you to subscribe to newsletters I usually don't subscribe so don't get credit for that option. Be aware that you will get a lot of email. You have to check your email frequently because normally most contests only give you 24 hours to respond or they pick someone else.  Most are short entry periods but sometimes they are months long.
It can take up to 6 weeks to get your prize, Save the email notification you won and if you haven't gotten your prize in 6 weeks, email the person again to check on the prize. Most prizes won't ship to a PO Box 
To increase your odds make sure you have the following entry means(I would appreciate any follows)
  1. Twitter (follow me for contests that I tweet and may not post here.)  A lot of contests want Twitter follows but Twitter limits how many you can follow so I go through about every 3 months and delete any old ones I don't currently need to follow - like authors from previous giveaways. 
  2.  Instagram ( follow me
  3. Pinterest (follow me)
  4. Bloglovin (follow me)
  5. Facebook (like my page) usually you just have to visit and sometimes comment. Its against Facebook rules to require a like but some do. 
  6. Goodreads (follow me)  there are a ton of books on my want to read list that I really don't want to read and would never read but hey its an entry. Sometimes you also get an entry for following the author on Goodreads. 
  7. Bookbub- once again beware because every author you follow, if they publish a new book you will get a notification email)

This is not all the giveaways out there, just the ones I am interested in.

(Be aware that some of these links I post may be referral links to earn me extra entries)
  1. Win a $25 Amazon Card ends 8/19/18
  2. Win a $25 Amazon Card ends 8/20/18
  3. Win a Book + Gift Card ends 8/21/18
  4. Win a $10 Amazon Card ends 8/22/18
  5. Win a $25 Amazon Card ends 8/24/18
  6. Win a $25 Amazon Card ends 8/24/18
  7. Win 1 of 5 Amazon Cards ends 8/24/18
  8. Win a $25 Amazon Card ends 8/24/18
  9. Win a Kindle Fire + Ebooks ends 8/26/18 
  10. Win a $10 Amazon Card ends 8/30/18
  11. Win a $25 Amazon Card ends 8/30/18
  12. Win a $50 Amazon Card ends 8/30/18
  13. Win a $50 Amazon Card ends 8/31/18
  14. Frigo Al Fresco Instant Win Game instant wins + a Grand Prize ends 8/31/18
  15. Win a $20 Amazon Card ends 9/1/18
  16. Win a $25 Amazon Card ends 9/2/18
  17. Win a $25 Amazon Card ends 9/4/18
  18. Mrs Cubbison's Real Summer Flavor instant wins + 10000 prize ends 9/7/18
  19. Win a Hocus Pocus Prize Pack ends 9/9/18

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

West Virginia Day June 20th 2018

Happy 155th Birthday to my favorite state of West Virginia.   West Virginia is the only state created during the Civil War. The Northwest counties of Virginia voted against secession but were outvoted by the rest of Virginia so we formed our own state.  West Virginia is an outdoor paradise with many lakes, and rivers for fishing, water skiing, and white water rafting. You can go ATV'ing, climb mountains or zipline. So plan your next vacation in my lovely home state of West Virginia.

Here are some pictures I have taken over the years of West Virginia.

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