Tuesday, January 16, 2018


So far this year isn't shaping up as great as I had hoped it would be. Its been super cold and snowy a lot. My water lines were froze for days.  The toilet has been frozen and then got backed up and have to have a new line put in.  A man from my hometown community died. He was just the nicest man and always smiling and so friendly. I was very disappointed because the person responsible for his arrangements was selfish and lazy and did absolutely nothing. Not even graveside services. This man was a veteran who earned a purple heart and touched so many lives and yet nothing was done to show respect for him. Just dumped in the ground. Fortunately a friend of his did bug the funeral home enough that he found out when he was being buried and showed up at least. I thought surely the church he had attended for my whole life would at least have a memorial service but they did nothing.

I was wheezing pretty badly the past couple of days but other than that I felt the same as usual. Yesterday at work I started to notice some pain and discomfort on my right lung side. The longer the day went the worse it felt. I hadn't been sick at all but it felt like I have felt in the past when I had pneumonia. Sure enough, after work I went to MedExpress and got a chest xray and I have pneumonia in the right lung. So I took off work today to rest and I do feel slightly better. Not as much pain but still tired.  Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Colder than Alaska

So far this year has been colder than most. It has been down to -2 and the windchill has been -17. Its so cold that my water has been froze for days. The roads are slick as snot.  Even the Kanawha river has froze over. People have been posting pictures of driving 4 wheelers on it. Of course I expect one of them is going to end up crashing through the ice.  Even the water at work froze over yesterday.  Today it is up to 9. The weather channel claims that by Monday its going to start being in the 30s for the next week. I am hoping every thing melts up so I can get the laundry and the dishes all done up.

Its been pretty sad, I have heard of at least 2 people being froze solid and a few pets. One poor dog was chained in his dog house but the fool owner didn't have a lick of bedding in it or nothing. I have worried about the stray cats I feed. I can't bring them in because the dogs aren't good dogs when it comes to cats. I rigged up some tarps around the porch to block wind and then i cut a whole in a storage tote and put blankets in it for them. I read that they need extra food when its so cold so I have been giving them a bunch of dry food but also canned cat food, tuna etc..So far it appears to be working, They are still alive and active after about 10 days of this deep deep freeze.
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