Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back online and update for the past few months.

Thank the good Lord, I am finally back online after all this time. This is the longest since 1995 I have been offline and I hope to not ever have this happen again.
Sept- moved to WV, the place I was supposed to move to was unlivable, ended up renting a dumpfor way too much money.
Oct-Got a job with Go-Mart, but had to quit because the arthritis in my legs and feet made standing like that unbearable. Got a job with another gas chain as an auditor. Love the job and the people in the office.
Nov-went back to Church, got saved again, started dating someone at another church, thought he might finally be the one (wrong again).
Dec- pretty much the same but getting sick of snow by now.
Jan- oldest daughter went stupid and dated a loser, quit her job and moved out. I found an adorable little apartment for way better money. Drs gave me not so good news.
Feb- the loser from Nov broke up with me, 1st grandson born (pics will be posted later). Waiting on news from dr.

I hear next Wednesday what the test results were. If God chooses to let me live then I have decided I am going to live to the fullest. I have spent my whole life waiting to be happy and I am done with that. If God chooses not the let me live then I am going to live until I die. Thats pretty much my life in a nutshell for the past 6 months.
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