Sunday, April 27, 2008

new financial beginning

Ok lets summarize, I just turned 40, I don't owned my own home, I have no retirement savings, I have no short or long term savings. I owe about $24000 in student loans. Now if that isn't a depressing picture I don't know what is.

Long term financial goals.
1. Buy my own house.
2. save 250000 for retirement (just picking a number out of thin air, will reconsider later)
3. build up $4000 in an emergency fund

Short term financial goals.
1. look for a part time job
2. do more surveys online
3. get better coupon usage
4. save for move to another state

1. 350.00 rent
2. 100.00 car insurance
3. 50.00 electricity (I have gotten this down a good bit in the last couple of months)
4. 33.00 vonage (going to get different service in May)
5. 40.00 gym (writing letter to cancel tomorrow, will still have to pay May)
6. 42.00 Internet (can't do without, I save a lot of money be being online and its my only source of amusement)
7. 190.00 student loan payment
8. 100.00 gasoline and other car fluids but gas keeps going up
9. 120.00 groceries (gonna see how $30 a week works for us)
10. 40.00 laundromat (need to see about buying another washer)
$1065- is the grand total

I bring home $1500 a month currently so that is enough for all my bills and start saving if I stick to the budget.

Monthly deals from CVS

Here are some monthly deals at CVS so far. I use all the personal care items to make gift baskets for birthdays and the holidays. I got my mypoints gift card for CVS already and about $20 in ECB to roll so I see a number of deals for me.

$2.99 ECB Aquafresh Toothpaste Advanced whitening 6oz or extreme clean 5.6 oz (2.99) LIMIT 3 FREE after ECBs
-$1.50 SS 4/6
-$1.00 SS 4/6

$4.99 ECB Adidas Action 3 Anti Perspirant 2.8oz ($4.99) LIMIT 3 FREE after ECBs
FREE Any adidas action 3 product exp 6/15/08 All You Magazine pg. 85 ( I subscribed through a coworker's kid, they have awesome coupons. I already have a number of ECB to roll so may let my daughter use the coupon to get some bucks on her card. )
Adidas Anti-Perspirant Refund Offer (mail-in) V 4/13/

$4.69 ECB Tums Quik Pak 24 ct ($4.69) LIMIT 2 FREE after ECBs

$10.00 ECB Freestyle Lite or Freedom lite glucose meter ($10.00) LIMIT 2 FREE after ECBs

$3.79 ECB CVS Non Drowsy Allergy Relief 5 ct ($3.79) LIMIT 3 FREE after ECBs
(never can have too much allergy medicine)

$3.99 ECB Colgate 360 clean or deep clean toothbrush ($3.99) LIMIT 3 FREE after ECBs
-$.75 SS 3/30
-$1.00 SS 4/27

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I haven't been working on this one and still yet in a year's time was able to get a $25 gift card. I am going to work harder in the coming year.

You can get points without ever buying anything. Every day or so, I get about 3-5 e-mails from MyPoints. (Feel free to create an e-mail account just for this purpose. You’ll just want to use the same e-mail address for all of your MyPoints dealings, so your account gets credited).

You click a button to show you’ve read the e-mail, and your account is credited with 5 points usually. If you sign up for the email offers you get more points.

Never shop online without checking out your paying sites to see if they offer points for this.

Use the mypoints bonus bar to get points for searching monthly plus you get a one time 100 point credit.

take surveys.

Ways to increase income

I have decide to see how many ways I can make extra money since my daughter and I want to move in June. I need to come up with a few thousand to pay for the move. Plus I want to improve my finances because I am now 40 and its time I was able to afford a place of my own.

1. Added Google ad sense ads to page.
2. Going to sign up at inbox dollars.
3. Start doing rebates at walgreen's again.
4. Send off for at least 3 rebates a month.
5. Added a link for revolution money maker. So far I have a couple of sign ups under me.
6. Click on all mypoints ads ( I had enough points to order a $25 CVS gift card so starting fresh)
7. Work harder at rolling all ECB at CVS.

8. any ideas?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

savings at CVS

CVS had a glucose monitor on sale for 14.99 with 14.99 in ECB (extra care bucks) back. I had a coupon for up to $30 off so I got it for free and then had the 14.99 to spend on other stuff. I then got 2 cover girl advance radiance foundations ( I had a coupon for b1g1) and 2 24 count cvs brand of pain reliever like tylenol. I used my 14.99 ecb and paid $4.xx and got back $12 and $7.98 in ecb. Each foundation earned me 6 in ecb and the pain reliever is on sale for 3.99 and you get 3.99 in ecb limit of 5 each. I then took the $12 in ecb and bought 3 more pain relievers to maximize my savings. I got 11.97 back in ecb so only lost 3 cents for 3 more bottles of pain reliever. There is a rebate offer on the monitor so I am going to read the fine print to see if I qualify even though I used a coupon.
I also got a second glucose monitor for free using a coupon I had that expires the end of this month so wanted to use it up.


samples from walmart

2 week multi vitamin sample

sunsilk samples- you can pick all of them

7 day sample of movefree

free tea sample

free dieters tea sample (be careful with these as every one I ever tried only gave you diarrhea)

get some free cash

I found a new site that is like paypal and when you register and open your account they will even put $25 in your account to start with. I googled it and didn't find any negative comments so wanted to share this offer with you. I used to use paypal a lot more when I could get free offers of money online. I like when people give me money :).

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Saturday, April 12, 2008

long time since last post

I can't believe its been so long since I last posted. Heres the going ons
First I turned 40 this week. Wasn't that big of a deal. Women at work got me some gifts and bought my lunch. oldest daughter bought me an Elvis blanket, Elvis cd, Lynard Skynard cd and an a Wizard of Oz mug. Youngest daughter got me some yard ornaments.
Oldest daughter has been a major source of grief lately. In the middle of the biggest recession in years she up and quits her job without telling me. Claims she is going to California with some 41 year old man she met online and has been talking to for 2 years. I didn't know about him for ages and had no idea of his age. Now she is blackmailing me telling me that if we move to another state she won't go out there.
I have a burn on my side from a heating pad. Who ever heard of getting 2nd and 3rd degree burns from a heating pad. It got infected so I have been on antibotics for a week now. Life is a mess and doesn't seem to be getting better.
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