Thursday, September 09, 2010

Life update

I haven't been updating lately because my life has been in a huge turmoil. My car blew up so I had to quit my job. Since I had no job I decided to move back to North Carolina because I have family there and its a lot easier to get around. They have public transportation plus there is a lot of local stuff to do. My oldest daughter and her boyfriend moved out here also. We all applied for city housing (sort of like HUD but not quite) and are on the waiting list now. I have applied for unemployment and am waiting to hear if they are going to let me have it. It has to be reviewed since I quit my job. I have actually interviewed for another state job and if I would be offered it at a good salary I would move back to WV and stay with a friend until I got paid and could afford a place of my own.
I am missing my grandkids like crazy. I broke up with the boyfriend because after 2 years we weren't going anywhere. I honestly believe he won't ever marry anyone. He was an awesome guy but I don't have 20 years to wait for him to make up his mind. I am spending a lot of time studying the bible and praying. I am staying with my aunt. Thankfully she has a big house since its me, her son and his 4 kids, 1 other granddaughter and her and her husband. Its hard to find alone time. I haven't gotten to go to church since I have been here because I have no car. I am hoping I get an apartment soon and I can walk to church at least.
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