Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spread the Love with Private Selection Upside Down Cakes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Private Selection for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was raised to believe the family should eat dinner together. Its how I raised my children and grandchildren. And in our upbringing dinner just isn't complete unless there is a dessert with it. I love to cook and collect a variety of recipes but sometimes there just isn't time to make everything from scratch what with work, ball games and dance practice. So for those times I want something that still tastes as good or better than what I would have made. Thankfully a quick and easy dessert is always just around the corner at your local Kroger. Their  cakes can make even the most basic meals seem gourmet.   I like to keep a couple in the freezer in case I have drop in guests or even better for when the kids forget to tell you until 9:00 pm that you are signed up to bring a cake for the cakewalk at school tomorrow.  I will admit that sometimes when we are having a dinner at church, I just don't feel up to cooking but I hate taking the easy way. Some folks just go to a drive thru and bring stuff. I try to bring something that is delicious and quick.  Private Selection Upside Down Cakes fit that description.  I don't lie but I don't share the fact I didn't make the cake and so far no one has guessed any different :).

I like to stretch my dollars as far as possible so thats why I like the Private Selection brand at my Krogers. *Private Selection Upside Down Cakes are easy – just warm, flip and serve.
*The Private Selection brand is a premium private label brand carried exclusively at the Kroger Family of Stores and affiliated stores including: Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Fry’s, Gerbes, Pay Less, QFC, JayC, King Soopers, Owen’s, Ralphs, Smith’s and Fred Meyer.

Private Selection Upside Down Cakes are premium quality without the premium price.
- Private Selection Upside Down Cakes come in 3 distinct flavors, so there is a cake for any taste.  German Chocolate Fudge – with the classically irresistible combination of gooey caramel, pecans and coconut; Double Chocolate Molten – prepared with real butter, eggs, milk, and the finest semi-sweet chocolate; and Amber Honey Apple Spice – topped with apple slices drenched in a sweet amber honey glaze.
- Private Selection Upside Down Cakes taste like homemade, thanks to only using the best ingredients. To find out where to buy one of these delicious cakes visit

Right now there is a Private Selection Upside Down Cakes couponPrivate Selection Upside Down Cakes on FacebookPrivate Selection Upside Down Cakes on PinterestPrivate Selection. Even better you don't have to print this coupon so you don't have to pay for paper, ink or lose the coupon. You just load this coupon directly on your store card. The coupon starts at $1.00 off coupon. but you can share the coupon via Facebook to receive a higher value, $2.00 off coupon.

Disclaimer:  Coupon ends 6/2/13. Official Rules. In order to load these coupons to your card, you will need to sign into your Kroger account or set up a Kroger account and enter your card number. Limit one use per digital coupon. Digital offers are not eligible on Manager's Specials, cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of a single item, and do not double. Not all items are available in all stores. A limit of 150 coupons can be loaded per household at one time.

Private Selections can be found on Facebook. and on Pinterest. I suggest following Private Selections on both sites so you can have access to recipe and entertaining ideas.

What are your quick and easy go to dessert ideas?

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

A winner announced

The giveaway on my site for a set of Woolzie balls has ended and the winner is Michelle K.  Michelle has 48 hours to get back with me with her mailing details or I will draw another winner.  I was pleased with the results of this giveaway. I had 61 entries for the giveaway. The first giveaway I had only had about 2 people enter.  Please check back in a couple weeks when I will have another giveaway for a new product on my blog.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

To Be Loved by Michael Buble

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  I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the album to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own.

Everyone's favorite Canadian crooner is back again, finding his harmony while making his way through the American songbook (and looking oh-so dapper in a suit)!

     I have been seeing a lot of commercials for Michael Buble lately and then I got an offer to review his latest album. To Be Loved, out now, finds the Grammy winner covering songs by Frank Sinatra, the Bee Gees, Jackson 5, Elvis Presley, Van Morrison, and more. In the mix of golden standards are four original songs co-written by BublĂ©, dipping into his personal life for inspiration.
     Michael's music reminds me of Harry Connick Jr's with a jazzy, big band sound of music from the Rat Pack era. My daughter absolutely loved Michael's music. He is her new favorite. I thought he had a very nice sounding voice and I liked the songs even though this isn't my style of music. I was surprised to discover this is Michael's 7th cd and I have only just heard of him. Amanda has played this cd so much I am surprised she hasn't worn it out.  My favorite song was "To Love Somebody" and Amanda loved every single one so she can't pick a favorite. She now wants all of his cds.
     These are good times for the singer, who is about to become a first-time dad. He sounds like a man in love with life. "I wrote Close Your Eyes about my wife and about the power of all the women in my life—my sisters, my mom, my grandma and all women in general. Let’s face it, where would we be without them? I Got It Easy, another original, is basically a song where I count my blessings and is a reminder to me and everyone to appreciate all the good parts of life. I’m a very lucky guy and I never want to forget it."

     If you are looking for some happy, feel good music, then this is the CD for you!  Michael's happiness with his life comes through loud and clear on this album. 
If you are still looking for a special gift to give your mom, why not consider picking up "To Be Loved" on CD from Michael BublĂ© today? I know my own mother would love this cd.  I can't wait to hear more of his music myself.

  • "I want to take you on a wonderful journey about love—all different kinds of love," Michael says. "The album swings big time: it rocks, it’s soulful, it’s happy, sometimes a little sad. It’s romantic, it’s yummy, and it’s heartfelt."

  • To Be Loved Track Listing:
    1. "You Make Me Feel So Young"
    2. "It's a Beautiful Day"
    3. "To Love Somebody"
    4. "Who's Lovin You"
    5. "Something Stupid" (featuring Reese Witherspoon)
    6. "Come Dance with Me"
    7. "Close Your Eyes"
    8. "After All" (featuring Bryan Adams)
    9. "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" (with Naturally 7)
    10. "To Be Loved"
    11. "You've Got a Friend in Me"
    12. "Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You)" (featuring The Puppini Sisters)
    13. "I Got It Easy"
    14. "Young at Heart"

    To Be Loved is available now on iTunes and Amazon instant download. Also, in retail stores where CDs are sold.

    I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the album to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own.

    Johnsonville Kielbasa

    Thanks to Bzz I was able to try out Johnsonville Polish Kielbasa for the first time. My daughter was already a fan but I just didn't think it was something I would like so I hadn't tried it. I got a coupon for a free package so me being me, I can't turn down free so I bought some to try. I also got some coupons for $1 off that I passed out to some friends so they could try out Johnsonville's Dinner Sausages on their own.

    I wasn't sure how exactly to fix dinner sausage so I went to Pinterest to find some good recipes. The recipe I choose to make with a few modifications was Grandpa's Sauerkraut and Kielbasa. It reminded me of a dish we used to make all the time growing up. I cut the kielbasa into smaller pieces than the recipe called for. I liked it fixed this way. Mandi wanted to try it out in some macaroni and cheese so we fixed some of that the next day. I can't decide which way I preferred it since both were so good. For me, both sauerkraut and macaroni and cheese are comfort foods because they are foods I had growing up. I did like it quite a bit with the creamy macaroni and cheese so I am declaring it a tie. I am thankfully to Johnsonville for giving me the opportunity to try out the kielbasa and I am glad I am a Bzzagent so I can try out new products for free to see if I like them.

    Johnsonville is a hit at our house and will be on the menu again. Its a quick and easy meal for those times when I am busy. Its faster than takeout and certainly cheaper and better for my family so I like that a lot.

    Friday, May 03, 2013

    Review and Giveaway Woolzie Balls

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     I have wanted to try the Woolzie balls for at least 4 years now. I wasn't ever able to win them, no matter how many contests I entered. Thankfully I was given the opportunity to review them on my blog.

    As soon as I got the Woolzie balls, I started doing laundry. One of the things I really wanted to test was the claims of reduced drying time. Everyone kept bragging about this but I am always inclined to not believe it unless I try it myself. Well they didn't lie. I washed a load of towels and put them in the dryer for 20 minutes less time. When the dryer kicked off the towels were dry and soft and fluffy.  That will help out on the electric, which is great since the electric company just got a raise. My daughter really liked the towels because she said they actually smelled fresh and clean as if they had been line dried.

     I don't normally use fabric softener because I have read about all the chemicals in them. I am trying to become greener in our daily lives. Woolzie balls are 100% natural wool, no chemicals and they are made by hand.  If you want to add some scent you can add a couple of drops of essential oil to one or 2 of the balls. Then if you get tired of the scent you just leave those balls out. Some people have said these are noiseless but I found that to not be true. You can't hear them thumping from all the rooms but if you are close by you can hear them bouncing around in the dryer. It wasn't loud enough to be annoying though.

    I have learned that I have to make sure the balls are not trapped in the clothes when I get them out of the dryer. The first time I didn't, I dropped one and my dog Maxine was off and running with it :). To her it was the same as one of the balls we buy her. We were able to retrieve it unharmed. I was really relieved that there were no chemicals in the balls to harm Maxine though.

    WOOLZIES are guaranteed to last for 1,000 loads or your money back. Each box of WOOLZIES contains 6 handmade woolen dryer balls. The cost per box is $34.95 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii.  This works out to less than .04 cents per use. I have read of people having these for 3 yrs or more. That's a long time to not have to buy and store fabric softeners. After using them for a week, I can honestly say, I love Woolzie balls and am so glad I got to try them. I will be using them from now on.


    The makers of Woolzie Balls have generously offered to provide one reader of Butterfly Acres with a box of 6 Woolzies of their own ($35 value). Giveaway opens on May 3rd 2013 and will end on May 10th 2013 at 11:59 EST.  The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond with their mailing address. If the winner does not respond I will choose another winner. Giveaway is open to US only.

    To enter simply fill out the entry form below!


    The product(s) provided for the review were sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency.The product(s) offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising"  

    Thursday, May 02, 2013

    My Pet Peeves with Blog Hosts

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    My Pet Peeves with Blog Hosts

    I realize I am getting something from the host but they are also getting something from me. They need the numbers that the contest entry brings. I try not to complain too much but these are just some things that annoy me and I think are inconsiderate of the hosts. Some hosts are super nice and are just a dream to enter their giveaways and some are pains. I don't go back to the sites of the pains. 

    1. Mandatory entries- I really hate these. I mean if the person wants the prize they are obviously going to enter as many ways they can.  I really really hate when the mandatory entry is email follow. I get so much email now, that I am going to tell you I delete all emails from blogs usually. I just don't have the time considering the volume. I do however go through and try to read the blog entries from bloglovin. So if an email follow is required then I just don't enter. I don't need junk cluttering my email up. Plus I am not going to read it so why require it. I just don't do well when I am forced to do something. I can see offering lots of ways to get entries, but don't make them mandatory. Let's face it, if you make the mandatory entry a Facebook like and the person doesn't have an account and sets one up just because of your giveaway, their live has changed forever because they get sucked into the void :>

    2. Blog owners that think their time is more valuable than mine. It annoys me the blog owners that won't email you to say you have won. They only post it on their site and if you miss it, oh well. I'm sorry but I have a life also and I can't always make it back to your blog every single day to know if I won or not. Plus I enter an easy 100 giveaways a day. Yes I do go back and read a lot of blogs but some days I just don't get to it or am not in the mood. So you expect me to come back to read your blog but your time is so precious you can't take 1 minute to email a winner? 

    3. Captcha- I think some days I might become a serial killer and go around killing folks who require captcha :). My eyes aren't what they used to be so those things are so hard for me to read. I usually have to refresh over and over just to find one that I can read. I normally won't comment on any blog that has them. I have to really want the prize and then I will usually only enter once. Plus with my fibro all that extra typing hurts.  Oh and don't get me started on the ones that have captchas and still moderate. OMG can you tell I really really hate captchas.

    4.  I know some folks only have a giveaway once in a blue moon so this really isn't towards them. But if you have a lot of giveaways, why are you still requiring a comment for each and every entry. Example would be to comment you follow on Facebook, comment you follow on Twitter, comment you tweeted, etc... Do you know how much typing that is on fingers that already hurt. It is so much easier to click a button and enter. Please consider using a giveaway form for your next giveaway.


    Wednesday, May 01, 2013

    Blog Giveaways- Means of Entry

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    Today I am going to talk about various entries into the blog giveaways. Right off I am going to tell you my favorite giveaways use either Rafflecopter or Giveaway Tools. I have Fibromyalgia and some days typing is hard for me. I like the click a button to enter forms. Below are the most common entry means.

    1. Comments- some blogs require a comment and some don't. Usually the comment involves visiting the sponsor's site and looking around. Considering you want something from them, it isn't a lot to ask. 

    2. Following on social media- you really should have a Facebook account, Twitter, Klout, Instagram, Pinterst, etc... as these are extra entries
    A- Facebook likes- Giveaways are a form of advertising so the sponsor would appreciate a like as would the blog host. Remember the higher the numbers for the host, the more giveaways they are able to offer. It's all about the numbers, folks. If no one reads your blog, then no one is going to want to advertise with your blog.
    B.  Twitter- A lot of giveaways want you to tweet about the giveaway for extra entries. This way your followers can see and hear about it also. Often they ask you to follow both the sponsor and the host site.
    C. Klout- Some offer entries if you give them Klout. Klout is a site that helps you connect with sponsors. I haven't mastered this one yet even though I have a Klout account. 
    D. Instagram- I do not have an Instagram site nor do I have plans to get one anytime soon so can't help you here.
    E. Pinterst- this one is really growing right now. Some hosts want you to follow them and the sponsor. Some want you to pin the giveaway. 
    3. Following on GFC and Bloglovin- Google Friends Connect is going away in a couple of months but a lot of giveaways still use it. I love Bloglovin personally. Its easy to use and keep up with. Once again its about the numbers. The higher the following on these, the better and more giveaways that can be offered. Plus if you follow the blog, you will know when they offer more giveaways.


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