Saturday, February 09, 2019

Planet Fitness and Current Health

Every since I have moved back to WV, I have wanted a Planet Fitness to be near me. Who doesn't love $10 a month gym membership? Finally they have put one in about 5 minutes from my job. Only now my health is pretty awful. Most days I can hardly walk and I am stooped over little a 90 year old so I was thinking maybe I wouldn't be able to get any use out of a membership.  They are having a new promo that you can join for $1 so I started reading about it. I found out they have a Black Card Membership for $21.99 that I didn't know about. It offers tanning (not interested) hydromassage (now my interest is going up) massage chairs (sounding better and better) then I get to something called Total Body Enhancement. So I had to google to find out about that. Basically its red light therapy and vibration. Tons of links that say yay and tons that say nay. I am going to join just so I can try this out and then I will know yay or nay for myself.

I am super excited hoping it will help with the back pain, and inflammation in my body. I am going for the first time tomorrow so I will up date in a month to let you know how its working for me.
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