Thursday, December 31, 2020

So long 2020 and some vanilla recipes.

  2020 has been a hard year for the whole world it seems. I didn't even realize I hadn't blogged at all this year. I know I am not the same person I was when 2020 started. I don't think I have entered a 10 contests this year even. I am more tired than ever in my life.  

I did make some vanilla sugar the other day and start some vanilla extract. My daughter is now in love with the sugar and thinks she may not be able to use regular sugar again lol.

Vanilla Sugar

2 Vanilla beans
2 cups sugar

so easy to make. Just slice the beans open and scrape the seeds out. Mix into the 2 cups of sugar. Put in a jar with the bean pods. Shake until mixed. Takes 2 days before the sugar is ready to use. Store in a cool dark spot. Every time you see it you can give it a shake and as you use the sugar you can just add more sugar to the bean pods and keep using them until you no longer get any scent when you open the jar. 

Vanilla Extract
waxed paper square
4 vanilla pods

I cut the pods into half and sort of split them open. Put into the jar. I used about a quart jar.  Add vodka to within 1 inch of top so you have room to shake and mix. put the waxed paper square on top of jar and screw in lid. For the first 2-3 weeks you will shake the jar daily. Then for the next 3 months shake at least a couple of times a week. The longer you let it sit the stronger the vanilla flavoring will be. The best vanilla sits for a year to 2 years. Store in a cool dark place in your pantry. I plan to let mine sit for 1 year so by Christmas 2021 it should be ready. I am going to give it as gifts next Christmas. 

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