Friday, September 05, 2014

101 in 1001

A few years ago, it was all the rage for everyone to a have a 101 in 1001 list (2.75 years). I really enjoyed creating one and using it as a goal marker. I actually managed to complete a number of them but not all. Life was so erratic and I just couldn't keep up. I decided I would make another one since I enjoyed the first so much. Figure out your time here

Start Date is Friday, September 6th 2014
End Date is Saturday, June 3rd 2017
Green means its a work in progress
Red means it is completed

  1.  Read all books from the BBC’s Top 100 Book List
  2. Start dating again
  3. Try writing a book
  4. Have my hair streaked
  5. Write out my will
  6. Publish an e-book.
  7. Get a concealed weapons permit and buy a gun
  8. Watch 10 classic movies I’ve never seen 
  9. Prepare an emergency kit
  10. Volunteer in some charity form that I believe in (probably habitat for humanity or a woman’s shelter or both preferably)
  11. Keep my car clean enough for one month that I could carry three other people in it without rearranging anything
  12. Update my lifetime goals 
  13. Complete at least 10 things from the list

  1.  Work on stocking up.(Kroger had some awesome deals and I started a food stock pile at least. Got a years worth of a lot of items)
  2. Save $1001
  3. Get a better paying job
  4. Get another car (bought a Dodge Grand Caravan November 12, 2014)
  5. Move to a better home
  6. Set up a coupon binder and use it (completed February 7th 2015)
  7. Have an Avon booth at an event  no longer selling Avon so will have to replace. 
  8. Keep a change jar and when its full put it in my savings account
  9. Pay off the hospital
  10. improve my credit score by at least 50-100 points
  11. Go one month with buying nothing but gas and perishables such as milk
  12. Get a storage shed so I can stop paying $35 a month for my unit

  1. Lose 101 lbs  (10/101)
  2. Participate in a color run
  3. Walk for cancer fundraiser
  4. Go mountain climbing
  5. Try a zumba class
  6. Work out 3 days a week for a month
  7. Get a massage
  8. Get my triglycerides down
  9. Get my iron levels up
  10. Complete the 90 miles in 90 days challenge. #mileaday 
  11. Drink 2 bottles of water a day for 30 days 
  12.  Go to bed at 10:30 and get up at 7am every day for a week. I need better sleeping habits.
  13. No fast food for a month
 Just for Fun 
  1. Win 101 giveaways (60/101)
  2. 101 outings
  3. Take vacation to Pigeon Forge TN
  4. Vacation at Williamburg VA
  5. Take a photo a day for 101 days
  6. Go ziplining 
  7. Have my picture taken with someone famous
  8. Watch a meteorite shower with someone I love
  9. Go whitewater rafting
  10. Go on a weekend murder mystery trip
  11. Get an E-reader of some kind.  (got a Kindle Fire on December 1 2014)
  12.  Go camping
  13. Go paddle-boarding
  1. Memorize 101 Bible verses
  2. Read 101 Bible chapters (101/101) Completed February 7th 2015
  3. Attend 101 Church services (1/101)
  4. Find a church where I feel that I fit in
  5. Fulfill a child's Christmas list (from a family that is having a hard time)
  6. Find a scripture specific for each grandchild and pray it for them daily.
  7. Complete a Bible study
  8. Witness to 30 people about salvation
  9. Complete the Romans challenge
  10. Go on a mission trip (doesn't have to be international)
  11. Study Proverbs 31 and work on being that type of woman
  12.  Go to a women's conference
  1. Write 101 blog posts (49/101)
  2. Write 101 reviews on the blog (27/101)
  3. Attend a blogging conference
  4. Have a giveaway event for my 10 yr blogiversary
  5. Blog about my accomplishments for this list
  6. Participate in a blog hop (not a group giveaway)
  7. Get a Facebook page for my blog
  8. Figure out how to make money from blogging
  9. Make a new 101 in 1001 days list when this list completed
  10.  Blog for 30 consecutive days
  11. Get a personalized blog banner and button for my blog
  12. Host 10 giveaways on my blog (4/10)
  1. Make 101 Pinterest Recipes
  2. Make 101 Pinterest Crafts
  3. Plant a vegetable garden
  4. Create a menu plan and follow it for 2 weeks
  5. Make a friendship cake
  6. Create a photo wall for my living room
  7. Learn cake decorating
  8. Have a mini celebration every month for a year
  9. Get back into the Flylady routine
  10. Make a quilt
  11. Make a Christmas present for everyone on my list
  12. pick 5 different countries and spend a month learning about them and top it off with a dinner composed of native foods
  13. Back up all my important computer files and pictures

Family and Friends
  1. Have a family photo done 
  2. Have a barbeque for family and friends
  3. Go to the family reunion
  4.  Send at least 10 surprise packages to friends or family "just because."
  5. Keep one grandchild each weekend for a month.
  6. Make 10 new friends
  7. Send snail mail birthday cards to 10 family members
  8. Get Mandi eye glasses  (12/23)
  9. Get Mandi driver's license.
  10. Finally make a trip to Alabama to visit family there
  11. Take the grandbabies on a day trip somewhere
  12.  Call Dad and Lisa at least once a month for 3 months
  13. Get back to working on my family tree and start keeping a record of each family


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