Thursday, January 14, 2021

Update on Goals

1.  Well I have been on the low carb diet for about 6 days now. I can feel a real difference in the pain in my body with the exception of my knees. But since they need replaced I guess there isn't a lot that the diet can do for that pain. Hopefully though the diet will help me lose weight so I can get replacement surgery. 

2. I bought some herb seeds to start indoors so that will be for my garden and more natural lifestyle so 2 goals in one :)

3. We bought a 72 4 people emergency food bucket at Wal-Mart so that went into our preps. Also got a big pack of AA batteries that were on clearance at Lowes so put them up also. 

That's all that I have managed toward my goals so far this year.  I will close out with a picture of Tinkerbell,  one of my dogs being all snazzy in her jean jacket.


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