Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy busy busy

I swear I don't know how I get so busy. It seems like I am only home long enough to sleep anymore. Heres a few odds and ends.
Yesterday I went to a fundraiser for a friend's kid at his school. I really didn't have a good time and realized that it was a waste of my time when I could have been doing something I really enjoyed. I am going to start evaluating how I spend my time more carefully. Afterwards I came home and called the boyfriend and we went to Kanawha Falls fishing. We didn't catch anything but thats ok because I really just like sitting by the water. All my life water has been calming to me. There were a lot of geese and the trees are so much greener down that way than here. Now I am making a cake and a broccoli casserole for Pastor Appreciation this morning. I don't know how the cake tasts though. I made one to sale at a ramp dinner at my other church a couple weeks ago and it sold pretty quickly but I don't know who bought it so I couldn't ask them how it was. I hope it turns out well. I got the recipe from Southern Plate and its called Apple Dapple Cake. The casserole is one my cousin Jenny makes. Its a mix of a bag of stuffing mix, a couple bags of broccoli flowerettes, 2 cans of cream of chicken soup (she uses cream of mushroom but I hate mushrooms), a bag of shredded cheese. Mix, pour in a pan and bake at 350 for about an hour or so. I love about any and all broccoli casseroles.
I was saddened to read last night that Bea Arthur died yesterday. I loved her so much on the Golden Girls, that was a great show if you haven't ever seen it.
Yesterday I also ordered 2 years of the magazine All You. Its only for sale at Walmart and always has tons of coupons in it. If you are a couponer this is something you need to order. Its about $2 an issue at Walmart but for about another week you can get it at The link is Southern Living At Home

Once you're at the site, go to Our Products...then How to Purchase....then enter Carrie Koors as your hostess.
Enter product number 40776 for the item. It should pop up. Since its a magazine subscription you don't have to click the link to have it shipped directly to you.


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