Sunday, April 05, 2009

Busy Palm Sunday Weekend

I realized I have been so busy I have been slack about posting updates online about my life for my family and friends far away to keep up to date on. So here goes.

Friday night I started making cupcakes for the Easter egg hunt at the church I go to on Sunday and Wednesday nights. I wanted to take a little something for the kids to enjoy. Photobucket. Here is a picture of half the finished product. I did 12 in yellow and 12 in chocolate. I also discovered what apparently everyone but this idiot already knows. Just because you use cupcake holders, the cupcakes won't hold shape without a cupcake pan. I only have 2 cupcake pans that hold 6 each so tried to use a cookie sheet for the rest. See the results here. Photobucket.
Saturday morning I got up and decorated the cooled cakes. Then I went to my youngest daughter's place to get her and the kids to take them to the egg hunt. It was a beautiful day that the Lord blessed us with for egg hunting. The wind was a little cool but sunny as could be. We had a good turnout and everyone had a good time. My granddaughter, Avril won the Easter basket for her age group. After the egg hunt we had hot dogs and bar-be-ques for everyone. Here are some pics of the fun.
Me with the 2 grandbabies (I looked either dead or asleep :)-
Cathy and Bridgette finding eggs-
Avril after a successful hunt-
the family all together-
more after dinner pics-

Afterwards we went to the graveyard to visit my grandmother for a bit then I took everyone back home. I went to "for lack of a better word, we will say my boyfriend's house around 5 for some more target practice. I have gotten really good. Mostly we blow up milk jugs or use bull's eye targets.
Boyfriend holding up a jug I blew to pieces (that jug won't trouble me again :>)
Junior holding up my blown up jug
Then the we rode to Summerville and had some blizzards at Dairy Queen. The new midnight truffle is divine. Came back home and put some spaghetti sauce on in the crock pot since I was having the girls up for dinner after church.
Sunday Morning I got up and got ready and went back to the youngest daughter's to get her and the family ready to go to church with me. We got there just as church was starting but had a great time. We had a guest speaker today as my pastor just had eye surgery. The speaker is a young man going to bible college in Kentucky. He did a real good job and I pray that something he said touched the hearts of my family that was there but lost in sin. After church went to get oldest daughter and back home to fix dinner for everyone. We had stuffed shells, rolls, garlic bread and cake. It was a good time. The first time that I have had anyone over for a meal since I moved to the new place. We sat around and talked a couple hours and the grandbabies took naps.
Baby Gary-
Avril sleeping like a frog- this was so cute
Normally I hate any picture with me in it but I thought this one of me and baby Gary turned out real good.

Everyone left and I went to visit my friend Debbie for a few minutes before heading to church. We had an excellant service with communion afterwards. The boyfriend isn't feeling well so I had to run him some cough syrup back to his place after church. Now I am resting and trying to clean the house all up again. This is one of the best weekends I have ever had I do believe.


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